Summer recruitment planning

Planning to Attract Top Talent? Plan to Make the Most of Summer

There are a several problems businesses encounter when hiring throughout summer but with proper planning, you can achieve great results; although, the summer tends to be a slower period for most firms. This makes it an ideal time to steal in and secure the best available talent.

At the beginning of every summer, there is a new influx of talented graduates onto the jobs market. Graduate programmes from previous years come to an end so these candidates look for a fresh challenge. Kids are on school holidays and the weather is at its finest making summer the obvious time to book annual leave. The savviest job hunters will making the most of their time off and keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

Unfortunately for businesses, the current recruitment market is candidate driven and valuable skills are scarce. Talented people can afford to be more picky than ever. Your business needs to secure the best talent in order to stay ahead of the competition. Without proper planning, many businesses struggle with recruitment in the summer due to the absence of hiring managers.

Late spring / early summer is a great time to plan ie: before the summer holidays are in full swing. A summer recruitment strategy will maximise the chance of your business snapping up the hottest talent on the jobs market.

Internal Planning Considerations

Let’s say, you’re an Internal Recruiter of a large firm. At the start of August, the IT Director requests a .NET Developer to start mid-September. However, he/she is going on a round the world cruise for four weeks. How are you going to fill that role?

Well firstly, don’t panic. Let’s step back and see how you might be able to plan a summer recruitment strategy to avoid such a scenario.

  • Liaise with HR. Make sure you are aware of any big projects, maternity cover, anything that might create a skills gap come autumn.
  • Internal communication is key. Encourage Hiring Managers, Team Leaders and other experts to make their holiday requirements clear early on.
  • Call for backup. Does the Hiring Manager have to be in on all the interviews? If the the Hiring Manager is unable to attend in person, find out whose opinion they trust.
  • Spend your time wisely. Many companies are obsessed with a three round interview process involving a telephone interview, technical test and final interview. Adria Solutions Ltd are experts in IT, Digital & Marketing and screen our candidates thoroughly. We can help minimise the time you spend interviewing and free up the precious time of your Hiring Manager.
  • Make use of technology. Your Hiring Manager will undoubtedly want the final say to anyone they could potentially be working with. Skype, FaceTime, other video calling apps mean that a Hiring Manager can ‘meet’ a candidate from anywhere in the world.

How A Recruitment Consultant Can Help Take The Pressure Off Summer Recruitment

With summer recruitment being so important to get right, it could be worthwhile enlisting the help of an experienced recruitment consultant.

Adria Solutions has an in-depth database of talented candidates with different skills, experience levels and qualifications. With this deep pool of talent ready to go, the beginning of summer could be the perfect moment for your business to connect with us. We can help you coordinate a recruitment plan to help you through this crucial time and find the best available talent.

Whatever it is your company needs in terms of summer recruitment, be it permanent or contract, we are ready to work with you to find the very best solutions.

If you’re an employer seeking new talent and/or the development of a summer recruitment plan, get in touch with Adria Solutions today – experts in IT & Digital recruitment.