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How To Respond To Awkward Interview Questions In An Intelligent Way

Candidates will face many questions during job interviews and many of them will be easy to answer, though the ones that aren’t so easy to answer tend to be pretty awkward. These questions will often revolve around sensitive or personal issues or be structured in a way that enables the interviewer to learn something about the candidate’s character, preparation and professionalism.

Here a few examples of the most common awkward questions and how to answer them with aplomb.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

There is nothing especially wrong with any reason you might have for leaving one job and seeking another, but how you convey that reason to a prospective employer is crucial. Never speak ill of your current or former employer, as this will come across as unprofessional.

Your prospective employer knows there are many justifiable reasons for moving on from a job, but you must frame your reason in a positive way. For example, don’t just say you are bored in your current job, say you are looking to take the next step in your career and find a position that challenges you and helps you develop professionally.

If the reason for leaving your current job does happen to be legitimately negative, then frame the reason as a positive of the company you are interviewing for instead of a negative of your current firm. For example, you are underpaid and overworked, but saying this is a negative of your current working conditions.

So instead say something about wanting to work for a company with similar values to your own that will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and learn new ones.

What Is Your Motivation?

As with the reason for leaving your current job, describing your motivation requires a little tweaking when answering during a job interview. First of all you want to identify your genuine reason for wanting the job, and then strip it down to its basic fundamentals.

One common motivation is wanting to earn more money. The basic fundamental of this reason is financial stability, which sounds better as a main motivational factor than just wanting more money. Using this strategy to answer this awkward interview question makes you sound more articulate and thoughtful.

Tell Me About Yourself

This common interview request is not your cue to regale them with every detail of your life! Remember that the interviewer has read your CV thoroughly and thus doesn’t need it repeated back to them word for word. Just focus on the most relevant item, such as the recent experience you have that relates to the position you are applying for, perhaps add a reason why you enjoy that particular work, and keep it brief.

Understanding how to succinctly answer this question is an important step towards impressing the interviewer.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

You absolutely must have at least one or two questions ready for this part of the interview as it is basically a test of how much preparation you made for the interview. A serious candidate will have thoroughly researched the company and discovered something worth asking about.

Of course, many common questions that candidates have will often be answered over the course of the interview, which is why it is important to get a few extra questions ready. Just remember that you are basically using these questions to show off how much research you conducted into the company and perhaps even highlight a particularly positive aspect of yourself.

A couple of examples of good questions include asking if there will be opportunities for developing new skills, and wanting to know more about how the team is structured. Also research the company’s social media output and ask something relevant about a recent post.

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