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Summer – The Best Time For Hiring Great Talent

With existing employees going on holiday, summer may not be the most obvious time for an employer to devote the time and energy into finding skilled candidates to fill important roles. With a database of candidates with different skills, experience, qualifications and more, the summer can be the perfect time for an employer to place roles with a recruitment consultant, saving them value money, time and effort.

The months of June, July and August can be a good time for companies to advertise for a job with a recruitment consultant, particularly, it seems, for an IT job.

Here’s why.

Land yourself the perfect candidate

With other companies effectively “off their guard” in the search for talent, the quieter months of summer can be the perfect time for recruiters to beat the competition to snaffle up the best new recruits by posting jobs during this traditionally quieter time.

Serious job-hunters are often searching for new roles all year round and, with digital technology, can even be sat on the beach in Southern Spain or elsewhere, browsing through jobs as they sunbathe.

By this token, posting new jobs when available positions are comparatively sparse, can mean companies can get their hands on the best talent through a significant lack of competition from other employers.

This can be particularly effective in notoriously competitive sectors like IT, Digital & Marketing where recruiting talent can be challenging.

With less IT, Digital & Marketing roles on the market, skilled professionals looking for new jobs in the summer will be more likely to respond to an advertisement they see posted during the quieter months of the summer compared to traditionally busier times for recruitment like at the start of the year and in the autumn.

If you do offer a talented IT professional a job, the chances are you will be less likely to lose them to another company, as fewer companies are actively hiring in the slower summer season.

An ideal time to post temporary IT positions

With members of staff taking holidays during the summer it is also important to ensure your vital roles are taken care of all summer long so that the IT infrastructure of your business, for example, can keep operating seamlessly throughout the summer.

Consequently, you may want to consider filling important IT, Digital & Marketing positions with temporary members of staff to ensure that these departments can carry on their business as usual when permanent staff are on holiday.

With this in mind, the spring and early summer could be a good time to advertise for temporary IT, Digital & Marketing talent.

Expert IT, Digital & Marketing recruitment consultants Adria Solutions Ltd can help your business fill hard to fill, technical roles, both permanent and contract, with the best candidates for your business.

Don’t let your business suffer this summer by failing to advertise for business critical roles. Instead entrust all your permanent and contract recruitment requirements to the Adria Solutions’ team this summer so you can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that your recruitment needs are in more than capable hands.

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