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Adria Solutions Enjoys Organic Growth in its Most Successful Year on Record

3rd December 2018

The Adria Solutions’ team is thrilled to announce 2018 has been our most successful year so far, an achievement that has helped us enjoy organic and sustained growth throughout the year and strengthen our status as one of the UK’s leading IT recruitment firms. Asides the hard work and dedication of our members of staff,… Read more »

Company Culture Is Important as Salaries for IT Candidates

28th November 2018

When it comes to attracting talented IT professionals, company culture is as important as salaries. According to several IT employers who attended the recent BusinessCloud ‘Tech Recruitment Timebomb’ event in London, recruitment is a leading challenge for tech companies, and the right company culture can help attract the best talent as much as competitive salaries… Read more »

Tips for Using Social Media to Find the Best IT Talent

6th November 2018

Competition for the right IT talent is fiercer than ever, with companies of all sizes, industries and locations, struggling to fill vital IT roles with individuals that possess the necessary skillsets and talent. In fact, skills shortages that could potentially hinder a company’s growth, is a leading concern for many CEOs. Social media is having… Read more »

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Recruitment Practices for the Better

29th October 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to make its mark on recruitment, transforming many processes so they’re more streamlined and efficient. Take a look at some of the ways AI is being embroiled into the recruitment industry and making positive changes. Building relationships with candidates with AI To help find and build trust with candidates, it’s… Read more »

Why Autumn is a Perfect Time for Job Hunting and Tips for Securing Your Next Career Move

22nd October 2018

With the dark nights rapidly ascending, the temperature plummeting and a carpet of leaves on the ground, there’s no mistaking autumn has arrived. With the summer well and truly over and before the madness of Christmas begins, now can be a great time to start looking for a new direction and the next path in… Read more »

Research Finds that Hiring the Wrong Candidate Could Cost You £17,000

1st October 2018

We all know that recruitment inevitably takes time and money, even if you recruit in-house. Unless the ideal candidate falls into your lap, you’re going to need to invest some resources into the search for the talent you need to fill a vital role and drive the business forward. But what if you get it… Read more »