A hand using a mobile phone to log into a social media account ready for job-hunting

How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage When Applying For Jobs

In today’s digitally-connected, social world, most employers and recruiters are using social media to actively find and recruit the right candidates.

Consequently, to be up-to-date with the latest recruitment trends and practices and have the best chance of securing a job, candidates need to use social media as a big part of their job search and application strategy.

If you are actively searching and applying for jobs, you might find our following advice on how to use social media for competitive job search gain useful.

Follow relevant companies and individuals

Social media enables us to become familiar with companies, brands and leading figures like never before.

Before applying for a position, do your homework about the recruiting company by following it on the social media channels.

By following the company on the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you will get to learn more about the brand, their ethos, personality and services or products.

They say information is powerful and when searching for jobs and applying for new positions, having greater knowledge about a company through social media will not only help you determine whether they are the right company for you to work for, but will also enable you to thoroughly research an employer before tweaking your CV for a specific role or to show you’ve done your homework about a company if you are called for an interview.

During an interview, informing the interviewer(s) that you follow their social media accounts and you are familiar with their brand, ethos and values, will almost certainly impress the panel, proving you are enthusiastic about their company and are a dedicated individual.

As well as following relevant companies, follow individuals that work for a company you have applied for a job at, particularly if you have been asked to attend an interview and know the names of the people who will be on the interviewing panel.

Again, connecting on the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter will show you are enthusiastic and willing to ‘go that extra mile’ to land the job. Making such connections will also help you learn more about your potential colleagues which can definitely work in your favour when applying for a job.

Initiate conversations on social media with recruiting companies

As well as following and connecting with companies you are applying to work for, use social media to engage with organisations so they get to know you prior to you applying for a job with them or during the application process.

Striking up engaging, thought-provoking and positive conversations with your potential employer on the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn will go a long way in giving you some ‘brownie points’ and help you stand out above other candidates applying for the same role.

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