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Interviewing Tips for an IT Role

Skilled IT professionals are in high demand. Organisations of all sectors and sizes are increasingly recognising the importance of IT skills and are subsequently looking to take on the best IT professionals that can bring specialist IT services to their company.

Given the race to hire the most talented of IT staff, candidates applying for IT roles need to ensure they do themselves justice by standing out at an interview.

If you’ve got an interview lined up for an IT role, take a look at the following tips on how to perform at your best during an interview for an IT position.

Make your professional objectives clear

An impressive trait of an IT candidate is knowing which professional direction they are heading in. During an interview for an IT job, make your professional objectives clear to the interviewer.

Articulate how the position will help you reach your career aspirations. This way the recruiter will be satisfied that the role is the right one for you and will provide you with the career progression you are looking for.

Sell yourself and your IT talents

Whilst you don’t want to come over as brazen or egocentric in an interview by talking about yourself for the duration of the interview, you need to use this time to essentially sell yourself and your IT talents.     

When appropriate, talk about your experience in a specific area of IT, the challenges you may have been faced with and how you overcame such encounters.

Each point you raise when discussing your career, qualifications and experience, should be related to the role in question and how it could be used to the company’s advantage if they hired you.

Differentiate yourself from other candidates

Interviewers are looking for a candidate that stands out, particularly in a profession as competitive and in-demand as IT.

Before the interview think about how you are going to differentiate yourself from other candidates. For example, if you have achieved something momentous outside of work, share it with the panel. Just remember to always try and tie your achievements and experience into an IT spectre so it is relevant to the role.

Research the job, organisation and interviewing panel and relate it to an IT environment

Walking into a job interview without carrying out in-depth research on the organisation and the role you are applying for is like attending an exam without doing any revision.

Interviewers like to see candidates have done their research as it demonstrates dedication, eagerness and proactivity.

Carry out sufficient research on the role you are applying for so you know exactly what it will entail, what will be expected from you and how and why you would succeed in the role.

Research the organisation so you are familiar with its history, background, ethos and aspirations, as well as the panel conducting the interview, so you are aware of who holds what position.

Relate such knowledge to an IT environment so you can share to the interviewers why their company will require your specific IT skills. For example, articulate how your skills and knowledge with help the organisation reach its growth targets or maintain its ethos of innovation.

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