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What Are The Top 10 Most In Demand Tech Skills?

It’s no secret that individuals with tech skills, knowledge and talent are in high demand. The growing demand for tech talent can be pinned on rapid advances in IT and tech, whereby virtually all industries are being forced to grapple with emerging technology in order to remain competitive.

To keep up with competitors, more and more organisations are investing in tech-orientated products, services and individuals. In fact, research shows that 62% of executives in the UK plan to increase investment in IT products and services.

Hence the demand for tech talent has never been so high.

With people with technology and IT skills being extremely sought after, we explore the top ten tech skills that are most in demand today.

Cloud computing

With more and more organisations doing business on the cloud, it’s hardly surprising cloud computing is considered the most in-demand hard tech skills of 2019.

Professionals such as cloud advisory business architects and Google cloud architects, who act as an adviser to a business helping them unlock their cloud potential, are in huge demand at present.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies of almost all professions are deliberating how they can use AI applications to positively impact their business.

With the lack of skilled people in the field of AI, technology leaders who can manage AI applications are also in big demand.

Data science

Using a combination of Algorithms, tools, and machine learning principles to obtain insights and information out of data, data science presents a host of opportunities for businesses.

Hence the growing demand for individuals with experience and skills in data science, who are particularly needed in industries like banking, healthcare and finance, which rely on huge amounts of data.

Web developers

In the digital era we are fully entrenched in, businesses of all sizes and niches need a website to remain competitive. Not all businesses however have the skills, time or inclination to create and maintain their own website.

Thus, there is a big demand for talented web developers who know how to build and maintain appropriate systems for the web.

Web designers

With virtually all businesses requiring a website, talented and experienced web designers are also in huge demand. Professionals with experience in designing outstanding websites that are visually impressive and offer high levels of user experience, are being snapped up by organisations everywhere.

UX design

People with experience in UX (user experience) design are in an extremely sought-after position. Such individuals have the skills required to enhance user satisfaction with a product by improving its usability, accessibility and pleasure created by interacting with the product.


No business is immune to falling victim to a cyberattack with research showing that as many as almost 70 per cent of small and medium sized businesses have experienced cyberattacks in recent years.

Consequently, cybersecurity experts who are skilled in preventing cyberattacks have an opportunity to secure an extremely in-demand job.

Business intelligence (BI) analyst

Another top tech skill for 2019 is business intelligence. A BI analyst gathers data and is experienced with analytics, database technology and reporting tools so they provide businesses with data-driven analysis of competitors and where companies stand out within a specific market.

Video production

The popularity of video content shows little sign of abating, hence people with skills in video production are sought-after individuals.

If you have experience in creating video content and have broadcast experience, no doubt you’ll be snapped up by a company wanting to extend their video reach and improve the quality of their video content.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing specialists continue to be at the beck and call of organisations of all sectors. From launching campaigns over social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to building detailed reports on social media metrics and trends, people with social media skills are in high demand for businesses wanting to improve their social media marketing efforts.

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