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Monthly Tech Roundup: Our Five Tech Faves For April

Well, April has been our busiest month Ever! In-between helping candidates find their next career move and assisting clients in filling important IT & Digital roles, the Adria Solutions’ team have identified our five tech favourites causing a storm in the world of IT & Digital.

Take a look at our tech roundup for April.

Human interfacing

Who would have thought not so long ago that a mobile phone could be unlocked simply by looking at it?

Facial recognition is certainly coming of age and it won’t be long before we’ll be able to use our face for carrying out everyday tasks, such as paying for groceries, passing through airport security and more.

China is already taking facial recognition to greater heights, allowing people to enter office buildings and make ATM withdrawals by using their face as their identity.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a rising technology labelled as a tech every company will need to master.

DLT refers to a form of database that is spread over numerous locations and can be used to record and manage transactions. Blockchain is one of the most well-known uses of DLT, comprising of multiple ‘blocks’ of transactions.

In recent years, DLT has been progressing as an innovative way of storing, managing and updating data within and between organisations.

Intelligent Decision-Making

Intelligent decision-making involves combining information technology with artificial intelligence and systems engineering, to create intelligent decision support systems that have the potential to transform human decision-making.

Granted, we don’t believe an intelligent support system will ever be able to supersede the complex intelligent decisions humans make but this type of technology is certainly making pioneering inroads that simply can’t be ignored.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing might still be in its infancy but it’s an exceptionally exciting area of technology that has the potential to radicalise computing as we know it.

With quantum computing ‘qubits’ – the basic unit of quantum information – carry out vast calculations at once and, by doing so, massively increases computing efficiency, speed and capacity.

Robot Dexterity

The capacities of robots are constantly being worked on and improved so that unlike industrial robots which are hindered with clumsiness and inflexibility, robots can move with incredible precision and learn how to manipulate on their own.

One such robot is Dactyl, built by the non-profit OpenAI in San Francisco. This dextrous robot has been taught how to flip a toy building block in its fingers by using reinforcement learning, neutral-network software.

Such technologies might still be in their early stages of development but, as they reach maturity and prevalence, are something businesses should be aware of to help them build on intelligent, customised and interactive experiences for clients, customers, colleagues and employees.

Meanwhile, here at Adria Solutions… We are always keen to learn about new technology that promises to simplify and streamline things for our clients and candidates. Not to mention our team of experienced recruiters working hard to match the best IT & Digital candidates with the right roles for businesses in the North West and throughout the whole of the UK.

If you’re a client looking to fill an IT role quickly and efficiently or a candidate looking to make your next career move with the right employer, get in touch with Adria Solutions today – experts in IT & Digital recruitment.