A man using a laptop perched on a skateboard in a light airy apartment. It looks like he is apply for a new job in Summer

Summer. The Perfect Time To Apply For A New Job

As is true of many industries, the jobs market tends to slow down during the months of summer. With staff going on holiday, companies often slow down recruitment and many jobseekers leave their job search until the early autumn.

If you’re considering applying for a job between the beginning of June and late August, rather than being put off by the tendency for recruitment to slow down, why not capitalise on the following benefits of applying for a job during the quieter months of summer?

Less competition

With other job hunters assuming the summer isn’t a good time to look for and apply for jobs, you’ll have less competition from other candidates when applying for new positions during this time of year.

Update your CV and make applications to suitable roles and, with a fewer number of applicants to choose from, you’re more likely to stand out, be called for an interview and land that dream job when applying for a new role during the summer.

Hiring managers have more time

With many clients, colleagues and customers on holiday, hiring managers can find themselves with more time on their hands during the popular holiday months of June, July and August.

This means they can prioritise recruiting tasks, such as advertising positions and going through applications. By making filling roles a priority, candidates stand a better chance of having their application picked up by a hiring manager and reviewed more quickly. It’s less likely you’ll be left waiting to hear about the outcome of your application.

Recruitment consultants have more time to spend with candidates

With a lower volume of applicants compared to busier periods, you may find that recruitment consultants have more time to spend time with candidates during the quieter summer months.

With more time with each candidate, recruitment consultants may be able to better advise candidates on how to achieve their long-term ambitions.

More time to focus on perfecting your application

If you’re already in a job and wanting to apply for a new one, the quieter summer period can work in your benefit, giving you more time to hone up your CV, practice being interviewed and generally improve your chances of landing your dream job.

What’s important to remember is that organisations are looking for top talent all year round, including the summer and therefore candidates should not be put off applying for roles during specific times of year.

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