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Why Autumn is a Perfect Time for Job Hunting and Tips for Securing Your Next Career Move

With the dark nights rapidly ascending, the temperature plummeting and a carpet of leaves on the ground, there’s no mistaking autumn has arrived. With the summer well and truly over and before the madness of Christmas begins, now can be a great time to start looking for a new direction and the next path in your career.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at why autumn is a perfect time of year for job hunting and some useful tips for securing your next career move.

Recruitment picks up during autumn

With directors, HR managers and key decision-makers often being on holiday in the summer, recruitment can tend to slow down. During autumn the recruiting process tends to pick up, with businesses often implementing structural changes during the months leading up to Christmas and wanting to fill important posts before the festive holiday season arrives.

Seasonal Christmas jobs become available

Many businesses see an influx of customers during the holiday season and need extra staff to cater for the boom in business. If you’re looking for temporary, seasonal work, the autumn is the best time to start looking for work and applying, before roles are quickly filled.

Networking takes a new lease of life

With the summer holiday behind us and the kids back to school, many businesses and professionals start getting serious about networking and hosting important business events during the autumn.

Such events present great opportunities for candidates to make vital contacts and help get their foot into the doors of companies they’d like to work for.

In order to put yourself in prime position for securing your dream role this autumn, here’s several steps that every job-hunter should take.

Update your CV

Is your CV up-to-date? If not, now’s the time to refresh your CV so it includes your most recent work, including any training, qualifications and personal achievements, as well as your recent work experience.

It’s also a good idea to tweak your CV so it is in-tune with the job you are applying for.

Get networking

As mentioned above, the networking events’ calendar can tend to go ballistic during autumn. Give your employment success a head start, by being active on the networking scene by attending such events and introducing yourself to key figures and employers in your field.

Hone up your transferable skills

Now’s a good time to hone up and polish your transferable skills. For example, brushing up on your communication skills, whether it’s written, verbal or digital, will make you a strong asset to any organisation, not to mention ensuring you come across more confident and articulate in an interview.

Practising your presentation skills can also help make you a leading contender for a new position, as many companies require employees to make compelling presentations to customers, colleagues and clients.

A great way to hone up presentation skills is not volunteer to lead projects that require putting together presentations.

Improve your problem-solving skills

When you’re job-hunting in the autumn use the time to practice being resourceful and improving skills associated with identifying problems and finding solutions.

You can help improve problem-solving skills by visualising a problem and looking for ways to overcome it, quickly, efficiently and diplomatically. Being simple but creative in your solution can often have a better impact than complex, long-winded solutions.

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