A candidate actively searching for jobs on his phone and laptop

Are You An Active Or Passive Candidate?

You’re on the lookout for a new job but how serious, important and imminent is your quest to land a new position?

The urgency around your job search is essentially what defines you as either an active or inactive candidate.

What is an active candidate?

As the name suggests, an active candidate is one who is purposefully looking for a new job. You might not necessarily be out of work but may have decided you are going to leave your current job and are looking for new roles with a definitive game plan.

If you are an active candidate you are likely to be highly motivated in your job search and execute the following steps in your quest to find a new job:

Research shows that approximately 25% of the full-time workforce fall into the active candidate category.

Reasons active candidates are looking for new work

Whilst people leave their jobs for all kinds of reasons, some of the most common reasons for resigning from a position in favour of another role include:

  • Their current role is not allowing them to achieve their long-term goals
  • Their employer is adamant on using old technologies and practices and is failing to keep up with the times
  • Their salary is not enough
  • The commute has become unbearable
  • There is a lack of progression/training in their current role
  • They feel little job satisfaction

What is an inactive or passive candidate?

Unlike active candidates, passive candidates are less proactive in their job search. Rather than actively seeking out positions and applying for jobs, if you’re an inactive candidate you might just have ‘one eye’ on the jobs market.

If you’re an inactive candidate, you might take certain steps towards finding new employment such as:

  • Updating your CV online
  • Searching through jobs portals but avoid making an application
  • Following companies and brands on social media

Inactive candidates might be thinking about getting a new job but are hesitant to leave their current job for a number of reasons. Such reasons may include:

  • Worry about Brexit but are hesitant to ‘take the plunge’ and move on
  • Are not convinced by the company culture of their current employer
  • Aren’t entirely happy about their salary and would like to find a position with better pay or renegotiate their salary with their employer
  • Feel they are not receiving adequate training and progression but are hesitant to resign

Whether you are an active candidate or an inactive candidate, having an experienced, friendly and professional recruitment consultant work with you can be the best way to help you secure the job you are looking for.

Adria Solutions’ team of specialist recruitment consultants can help you find your ideal position in IT, Digital or Marketing.

Before you get in contact with the Adria team ask yourself whether you are an active or inactive candidate and what you do/don’t like about your existing job and what your career aspirations and objectives are.

We will then be able to create a more effective recruitment strategy based on your unique recruitment concerns and aims.