How Technology Can Help Small Businesses Find The Right Talent

Small to medium-sized businesses account for nearly half of the UK’s employment, and yet these smaller-sized businesses often find themselves struggling to identify the talent which can help drive their company forward.

Hiring can be a stressful and ultimately unsuccessful experience for many small firms, and yet the health of the country’s economy actually relies heavily on such businesses being able to find and hire the right talent.

That is why it is crucial for small to medium-sized businesses to take advantage of modern technological advancements to connect with the right talent, especially as research shows there is a talent shortage in the IT and technology sector.

IT and Technology Recruitment Experts

Liaising with a specialist recruitment agency can give immediate access to a variety of technologies to ensure talented individuals are identified. For example, Adria Solutions can make more connections by employing a video conference interview service as well as face-to-face meetings.  This way they can screen a multitude of potential candidates in a much more efficient manner than would be possible without the technology.

Such methods also open up the possibility of identifying talent in other cities around the country. They may be willing to travel hundreds of miles for a final stage interview but cannot logistically manage cross-country trips for preliminary screenings. Video conferencing technology solves this problem instantly.

Online Job Advertisements

A small advert in the local newspaper is unlikely to attract the ideal talent a small business is looking for, especially if the role to be filled is based in the IT and technology field. A basic understanding of how job websites’ search engines work and what job seekers will be searching for will go a long way to connecting a small business with the right talent.

Always keep the name of the job to the industry standard as this will be the search term that suitable talent will enter when searching online. Also include the job’s location and at least some indication of salary as these details will attract up to three times more applicants.

Website Careers and Opportunities Page

One of the first things the talent will do after becoming aware of a position at a company is check out their website, so make sure there is some useful information there regarding potential careers. It is also possible that the ideal talent has sought out a company without seeing a specific advert. They may be searching for specific work in a specific area and are hoping to find something worthwhile, so small businesses must make sure there is something for talent to find in the form of a careers and opportunities page easily navigated to from the website’s homepage.

Smartphone Applications

According to research by digital solutions specialists Hibu, only around half of small to medium-sized businesses have made their websites mobile-friendly. Because of how ubiquitous smartphones are these days, especially with the Millennial generation, becoming mobile-friendly should be a priority for any companies that hope to attract talent in the IT and technology sector. It is also possible to take it a step further by enabling potential talent to apply for available positions via their smartphone.

Social Media Presence

While it is a good idea for businesses of all sizes to have a social media presence, it can be especially useful for small businesses trying to connect directly with talent. A business can engage with individuals on a personal level and use social media for dialogue and communication. The company can also use their social media platforms to give talent insights into the culture of the company, which is a potential attraction that wouldn’t otherwise be possible to advertise.

If you are a small business owner or manager looking for the best talent in the UK’s IT and technology sector, contact Adria Solutions, specialists in IT recruitment.