Company Culture Is Important as Salaries for IT Candidates

When it comes to attracting talented IT professionals, company culture is as important as salaries. According to several IT employers who attended the recent BusinessCloud ‘Tech Recruitment Timebomb’ event in London, recruitment is a leading challenge for tech companies, and the right company culture can help attract the best talent as much as competitive salaries can.

Speaking at the event was Tim Broughton, founder and CTO of the refer-a-friend marketing platform, Mention Me. Broughton spoke of how recruitment is his number one challenge.

Definitely 10 out of 10 top challenge, it’s the bane of my life. I’ve done a lot of successful hiring in the past and now I feel like I’ve lost my knack.”

“The market for tech talent is out there, but it’s a candidate-driven market where all the good engineers have great jobs already, so it’s a case of trying to persuade them to move away from those,” Broughton told delegates at the event.

To attract the right talent, employers, particularly within the tech sector, which are struggling to fill vital roles with the right talent, are having to build their brand and prove they offer a culture that people would want to work in, develop their career, and thrive.

The key attributes of good company culture

Millennials, a tech-savvy generation, are playing a significant role in raising the value of culture in the recruitment process.

Tech firms and organisations in general with good company culture, typically adhere to the following principles:

  • Show clear and inclusive leadership
  • Provide ongoing support, training and development
  • Offer more flexible working practices, such as flexitime and working from home opportunities to improve work/life balance
  • Be responsive to employees’ needs
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback that allows employees to make suggestions and voice concerns
  • Have an active social calendar
  • Provide the opportunity for employees to be creative, inventive and become innovators within the company
  • Offer company perks such as free lunches, early finishes and dress down days

A study in 2016 showed just how important the millennial generation considers an inspiring, motivating company culture that offers a greater work/life balance is when choosing who to work for.

The study by Fidelity showed millennials would be willing to take an average pay cut of $7,600 if they could work somewhere with better company culture that prioritises greater work/life balance, where they could improve their career development and find more purposeful work.

By offering an inspiring and rewarding company culture that makes the interests and career development of employees a priority, tech employers will not only help attract and retain the best talent, but they will help boost productivity, creativity and innovation within their workforce, by creating a happy, content and loyal set of workers, who are keen to please.

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