The increasing demand for contract employment in the UK’s IT industry, means that our specialist recruitment services at Adria Solutions are in high demand. We are proud to announce that we are growing our Contract Division to satisfy all your temporary recruitment needs.

A survey conducted by Career Builder in 2015 found that nearly half of all firms surveyed were planning to employ temporary staff in the coming year, and with that trend set to continue over the coming years, Adria Solutions are determined to remain forefront to the contract recruitment market.


Find the right candidate, first time

Does your business require top quality IT professionals for temporary contract assignments? Trawling through the vast numbers of candidates available on the job market and managing the recruitment process can be time-consuming and uses extra company resource that can be better assigned to other areas.

At Adria Solutions we understand the challenges that businesses face when searching for suitable and experienced IT specialists. We appreciate that time is a factor, especially when projects are already under-way or due to start imminently.  Finding the right candidate first-time is essential for businesses to avoid unnecessary extra costs and loss of business hours to find replacement contractors. Our experienced team will make sure you get the right candidate to meet your requirements.

Our ability to search nationwide for top quality IT professionals, using our advanced candidate streamlining techniques and our extensive book of IT specialists – gives you assurance that Adria Solutions never compromises on quality and will provide you with fast and efficient solutions to your recruitment needs.


Recruitment for a better work/life balance

If you are an IT professional looking to gain valuable experience in the IT industry or seeking a flexible or short-term contract, then let our teams’ expertise find the right position for you.

Many of our candidates are just starting out on their path to a rewarding and prosperous career in IT. Gaining a short-term contract with a company will give you the necessary work experience you require to begin your journey to success.

Flexible employment and contract work is rising in popularity in the UK as many candidates’ find the rigidity of full-time/permanent employment doesn’t fit in with their other commitments or lifestyle. In these situations, choosing a temporary contract can give you the perfect balance of gaining work experience with the flexibility to attend to other important life matters.

Whatever your area of IT expertise we will find the right contract for you. At Adria Solutions we have long term experience matching candidates’ skills with suitable contract positions listed on our diverse recruitment database.


If your business requires short-term contract IT professionals or you are a candidate looking for top quality recruitment solutions, let Adria Solutions do the hard work for you. Contact our dedicated, friendly and experienced team on 0870 264 1600 or email us at info@adriasolutions.co.uk