Research Reveals the Most In-Demand Digital Banking Jobs of the Near Future

New research commissioned by HSBC has predicted what the six most in-demand banking roles of the immediate future will be, and they all have a distinct digital focus.

The six jobs that major banks are likely to start a surge in recruitment for include:

  • Universal service advisor

This role is a crucial one within the banking sector, where customer needs will expand from in-branch, phone and chat app service to augmented or virtual reality contact. Universal service advisors will be responsible for ensuring an organisation can switch seamlessly between these physical and virtual environments to respond to changing customer needs.

  • Algorithm mechanic

Decision-making online, and particularly within the banking industry, is largely algorithm-based. These algorithms feed on an increasingly complex input of data, operating in fast-moving environments and with the need to respond to shifts in regulation and brand new products. An algorithm mechanic will be responsible for fine-tuning these algorithms on a virtually endless basis, all to improve and optimise the banking experience for the customer.

  1. Mixed reality experience designer

This role will require the design of complex 3D interfaces, anticipating the larger role that augmented or at least mixed reality will play in our digital world in the future. A mixed reality experience designer will be responsible for “overlaying our physical world with a layer of digital data allows us to create any imaginable character or object and locate them in physical space as if they were real.”

  • Conversational interface designer

We’re all familiar with chatbots, which are regularly used within the banking industry to answer basic enquiries and collect information. Conversational interface designers will enhance the way that chatbots interact with customers, to make best use of the technology and provide an optimised user experience. The HSBC report goes as far as to say that people in these roles will be responsible for “building natural, low-friction interfaces that go beyond solving immediate challenges to surprise and delight customers requires a mixture of creative, linguistic, and anthropological skills.”

  • Partnership gateway enabler

Banking organisations are increasingly working in closer proximity with other partners, such as global technology companies and fintechs. A professional in this role of partnership gateway enabler will need to monitor and maintain these crucial relationships, balancing security and risk management with communication skills and technical knowledge.

  • Digital process engineer

This role is essential for the banking sector, which relies heavily on increasingly complex processes to manage consumer transactions and interactions. Digital process engineers will oversee huge interconnected workflows, troubleshooting and easing bottlenecks to make processes highly efficient and always 100% accurate.

Will the rise of AI make digital roles in banking redundant?

According to Josh Bottomley, the global head of digital, retail banking and wealth management at HSBC bank, the answer to this crucial question is no. He said in the report, which is titled ‘Human Advantage: The Power of People’:

“Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow are unknown to us today,” said Josh Bottomley, global head of digital, retail banking and wealth management at HSBC.

“One thing is certain, however – artificial intelligence will not replace human intelligence.

Blending the best technology with the power of people will be the difference between good and great when it comes to customer experience.”

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