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Monthly Tech Roundup: Our five tech faves for March

Our specialist team of IT & Digital Recruitment Consultants like to keep a keen eye on technological innovations in the world of technology. Take a look at what’s caught our eye this month, with our five favourite technology advancements making inroads in the rapidly-escalating world of tech.

Transforming Web Banners Into Music

Web banners can be a tad infuriating, to say the least. But thanks to a collaboration between AIAIAI and the Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon, web users will be able to transform internet banners into music with the launch of a new “interactive music universe.”

Human Skin Printing Technology

Scientists have developed new technology can get print human skin. By printing skin layer by layer, the technology is aimed at treating burns and large wounds significantly faster than conventional treatments.

Smartphone ECG

Smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of doing virtually anything we ask them to. The likelihood of smartphones doubling up as an ECG machine designed to detect serious heart conditions therefore doesn’t sound implausible.

Researchers at the University at Edinburgh and NHS Lothian have been conducting trials of such a device, which they believe is ten-times more effective at diagnosing heart rhythm problems than standard tests – Anything that has the potential to save lives, we’re a fan of.

A Robot Inspired By Climbing Trees

Now this one might be on the wacky side, but it certainly made us read it twice! A research group at Tel Aviv University are developing a low-mass, low-volume robot that’s capable of negotiating voids, anchoring itself and climbing. A tree-climbing robot contrasts to more conventional robots, which, having legs, rails or wheels, are likely to get stuck when climbing or fall.

Subsequently, the tree-climbing robot will help overcome one of the most complex challenges of modern robotics – moving coherently in difficult conditions and unpredictable terrain.


We have to admit, one of the most anticipated technologies of the year and one that the Adria Solutions’ team is most exciting about, is 5G, the next generation of wireless network.

The network is believed to be as much as ten times faster than broadband and a “quantum leap” from 4G.

In 2018 we saw a slice of 5G action when Verizon launched a home broadband service which incorporated next generation technology.

Hot on Verizon’s heels in the race to adopt 5G was AT&T, which brought 5G services to a dozen cities in 2018.

2019 is poised to make 5G a more widespread reality with the launch of 5G networks along with the smartphones that will run on them.

In the busy working world, Adria Solutions is especially excited about new tech that promises to make life easier for our clients and candidates, not to mention our team of specialist IT & Digital recruiters feverishly finding the best candidates with the right roles for businesses in the North West and throughout the whole of the UK.

If you’re a client looking to fill an IT role quickly and efficiently or a candidate looking to make your next career move with the right employer, get in touch with Adria Solutions today, experts in IT recruitment.