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6 Tips For Graduates: How To Get Ahead And Kick-start Your Graduate Career

Graduating from university and looking ahead to your new career can be a hugely exciting time, but it can also be very challenging. With lots of students graduating at the same time, all with fantastic qualifications and just as much enthusiasm and passion as yourself – the competition for the best jobs can be fierce.

To help you get ahead of the competition and kick-start your sparkling new career, follow these crucial job-hunting tips:

  1. Narrow down what you really want in a job. If you get hung up about a certain sector or type of job, forgetting about transferrable skills and the value of other kinds of experience, you may never find the right position. You need to work out what is most important to you, money or job satisfaction, the chance to gain experience or excellent promotion prospects?
  2. Be realistic in your expectations. Not every graduate can waltz into their dream job straight away, so you might need to lower your expectations slightly if this is what you’re imagining on graduation day. You’ve got plenty of time to get experience, work your way up (or sideways) and eventually find your ideal career at the right company.
  3. Network! Career networking is the ideal way to get the job you want, and in many industries – word of mouth is how most positions are filled. Attend every networking event (many students do this in advance of graduating) you can, and seize every opportunity to make new contacts.
  4. Know yourself, your skills and your value. You’ll need to be brutally honest to assess your skills, goals, personal ethos and personality – but it’s important to understand how you would fit into a company before you go for interview. Once you know yourself and your value, you can make a more convincing pitch to prospective employers.
  5. Make use of online tools to do your homework. It’s now a lot easier to research companies and individuals ahead of interview, so make use of social media tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook alongside company websites to find out every scrap of information you can. In today’s online age, there’s no excuse for not being fully briefed on a company’s background, ethos and culture before appearing before an interview panel.
  6. Be memorable by having a point of view and solutions to problems no one knew existed. This is the best way to stand out from hundreds of other graduates vying for the same position as you – be remembered for the right reasons by having a clear point of view and stance. By putting forward solutions to problems that no one knew existed, you’ll impress by appearing pro-active, a problem solver and a valuable member of the team.

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