Candidate Testimonials

I initially approached Adria Solutions regarding a position I had seen advertised, Despite not initially getting that position I still felt that the Recruitment Agency had been helpful and informative throughout the process by means of which of notifying me about the position, helping me prepare for my interview and finally providing feedback afterwards.

What was also great was that Adria Solutions kept my information on file and would keep looking for positions for me, up until the point that they found a position that was exactly what I needed and I was successful in my application to it. Again throughout the process they were professional and informative, they really made getting a new job a lot easier.

Scott, Software Developer, Wigan

I was recently made redundant, which was a daunting prospect at such an early time in my career. I had had contact with other recruitment companies in the past; they would always say that my CV had been sent and there was an opportunity for an interview in the coming week. This never materialised into anything.

I was then contacted by Adria Solutions. I was handled in a highly professional manner and had regular contact with them before any interviews with tips on how to succeed, as well as after I successfully gained a job, to find out if I was enjoying it and how things were progressing. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a job to use Adria Solutions.

Gareth, Software Developer, Stockport.

I applied for a job as an online copywriter with Adria Solutions earlier this year and found them highly cooperative.

During my job application process, Adria Solutions provided me with diligent support along the way, offering tips on how best to prepare for my interviews while carefully checking through my CV and qualifications with me.

I found the company friendly, helpful and reliable. Their staff were attentive and quick to deal with any queries I had about how my application was progressing. They were also very easy to contact.

I have kept in touch with the firm since the completion of my application process and would recommend their services to my peers.

Daniel, Copywriter, Leeds

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