IT Recruitment Leeds

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate and the demand for highly skilled professional IT specialists has never been higher.

Leeds has moved up in the ranks to be renowned as a top destination for the technology industry with a number of digital hubs forming an essential networking support system.

Adria Solution is committed to providing expert IT recruitment in Leeds grow by connecting employers with the best candidates.

Helping Leeds Employers

Since our beginnings in 2004, Adria Solutions has paved the way in securing roles for companies and candidates across the IT landscape.

With a strong presence in Leeds, a thriving city centered around work and technology, Adria Solutions are an integral part of the IT recruitment scene.

Recruitment Solutions

As well as nurturing big names in technology such as Sky Betting & Gaming and Rockstar Gaming, Leeds is witnessing an incredible growth in the number of fledgling companies forming in the city.

Our knowledgeable, professional, and talented team of Leeds-based recruitment specialists have a wealth of experience working with companies of every size. Whether you are an SME beginning your journey in Leeds or a large, established company seeking further expansion, our specialist recruiters have the knowledge to fulfil information technology, sales, and computer-based roles for a wide scope of employers.

Graduate Recruitment In Leeds

Home to two world class business schools, nine universities, and fourteen further education colleges, Leeds boasts an exceptional graduate talent pool. We can help students benefit from excellent opportunities, part time work, and summer jobs as they study whilst also helping employers recruit exceptionally talented graduates. Adria Solutions can take care of all your student and graduate requirements here in Leeds.

Pioneering Recruitment Techniques

Here at Adria Solutions Leeds, we are dedicated to sourcing only the highest calibre of candidates to meet your IT role requirements. We use innovative recruitment screening techniques designed to speed up the employment process and seek out the best candidate for the job.

Our advanced recruitment streamlining process includes conducting pre-interview videos with candidates, a system that has proven to speed up the process and sieve out the highest quality of IT professionals.

Digital Marketing Recruitment Solutions In Leeds

Being one of the UK’s leading IT recruitment specialists, our talented team of professional specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure all your IT employment requirements are met here in the flourishing city of Leeds.