Picture of a dark phone screen - candidate is awaiting interview feedback, feeling that they may have been ghosted.

Interview Feedback: Feeling Ghosted?

Interview Feedback, what to do when you feel like you have been ‘ghosted’ after your interview

This latest blog post will explore how you may gain interview feedback effectively, without feeling like you’re ‘hassling’ your potential employer. Later, we will assess the most common reasons why interviewers may delay interview feedback or even leave you ghosted (as the youth now refer to it), providing some helpful, solutions to your interview woes.

Wait, What Does Being Ghosted Mean?

We’re glad you asked.

The term commonly refers to the world of dating.
For example, if you were to attend a date with someone and they do not contact you afterwards, sadly, you have been ‘ghosted’.

Many people agree that recruitment and dating are not too far removed from one another (spooky!).
For instance, you catch one another’s attention, exchange a few emails, then you meet, you talk about yourself in the hopes that they will find you a suitable choice and then…you await their response (yikes!)… And then you hear nothing.

Therefore, the term has crossed over.
Thus, one may be ‘ghosted’ if you have not received any feedback after an interview.

Picture of a dark phone screen - candidate is awaiting interview feedback, feeling that they may have been ghosted.

Okay, so maybe this image is a rather dramatic representation of awaiting interview feedback…

  • So Why Do Employers Delay Feedback?

Well, questions around delayed post-interview feedback or being ‘ghosted’ are one among the most frequently asked – you’re not alone in wondering.

Interestingly, there are a number of reasons why an employer may delay post-interview contact. More importantly, many of these factors are out of your control. Here are a few of the most common we have found:

The Panel

  • Due to the rapid nature of recruitment, crucial members of an interview panel may not always be available.
  • This can cause delays for all involved. Staff are not able to collate opinions and hold discussions with their senior team.
  • It may be a matter of awaiting their return to work before a decision can be made.

The Volume

  • Sometimes, it’s a case of numbers. If a lot of candidates have applied for the role, they may not have finished interviewing yet.
  • Alternatively, this could also mean that due to the high level of applicants, they may not contact every candidate with feedback, leaving you in the dark.
  • For this reason, always make sure you ask for interview feedback.

The Position

  • It’s not you, it’s them (really!).
    Often, businesses will change their minds on what solution they think will fit their needs.
  • Essentially, the position you applied for may no longer be available or needed.
  • This could be due to any number of reasons. For example, the position could be on hold due to financing or a simple miscalculation of their workforce.


  • Break downs in communication occur more often than you think. Emails falling into
    spam folders, letters lost in the post, phone calls going a miss.
  • This is where having the help of a recruiter is very useful- they do all the chasing for you!
  • Here at Adria, we love to build personable relationships with our candidates. This way, our candidates rarely feel anxious or nervous about the interview process.

What Next?

So, we have established that there are many outside factors as to why an interviewer may appear to have ‘ghosted’ you, many of which are out of your control.

Our closing advice would be this; having a recruiter on your side is a great advantage.

It is the job of a Recruitment Consultant to handle all the admin and awkward phone calls for candidates, making sure to provide helpful and progressive interview feedback.

Sound good?

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