How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Recruitment Practices for the Better

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to make its mark on recruitment, transforming many processes so they’re more streamlined and efficient. Take a look at some of the ways AI is being embroiled into the recruitment industry and making positive changes.

Building relationships with candidates with AI

To help find and build trust with candidates, it’s important that recruiters and employees build relationships with candidates. AI is helping recruiters shape important relationships with passive candidates. For example, combining recruitment CRM and marketing automation, the AI software Beamery is designed to source, attract and engage passive candidates.

Constructing the perfect job advert

In order to attract the right candidates and reach out to a broader range of talent as possible, it’s vital job adverts are well-written, engaging, compelling, honest and persuasive.

Fortunately, this time-consuming feature of recruitment is being automated by AI technology and consequently streamlining and improving the whole job description writing process.

Textio is an example of AI software that is streamlining the job posting task. Textio’s predictive engine uses massive quantities of data to uncover meaningful patterns in language, which helps recruiters and employers create stronger communication and deliver better business outcomes.

With these augmented written posts, recruiters can create the perfect job advert designed to attract a wide pool of talent.

Character vetting

As we noted in a previous blog, research shows that hiring the wrong candidate can cost a company a staggering £17,000. To help avoid the potential financial pitfalls of appointing unsuitable candidates, AI tools are being designed to vet and screen candidates to help employers determine whether an employee is likely to be an honest member of the team who will represent the company well when hired.

CV screening

It’s no secret that the average job application receives around 250 CVs with as many as 88% being unqualified. Sifting through hundreds of CVs to find just a handful of qualified candidates is naturally a time-consuming and often mundane task recruiters could live without.

In walk AI CV screening tools, which use keywords and algorithms to sift through CVs and match only relevant and suitable candidates with a job.

AI-led interviews

Interviewing is one of the most dreaded but avoidable parts of the recruitment process. By modernising, automating and therefore reducing the human element of some of the interviewing process, AI is being implemented by tech-savvy recruiters. For example, certain portions of the human-to-human interviewing process is being replaced by questions being asked to candidates via AI.

By taking away some of the human part of the interviewing process not only frees up recruiters’ and employers’ time but also forces candidates to have a robust preparation of answers in place in order to convey essential information and help set themselves apart from fellow candidates going for the same role.

AI-driven candidate search

Advanced AI software is proving a godsend in candidate search by accurately and efficiently identifying the best-fit candidates to help employers recruit the right people more quickly and efficiently.

One example of highly-effective AI-driven candidate search software, is SourceBreaker. The award-winning platform uses Machine Learning Technology to help find the best candidates and match them to suitable live vacancies in the click of a button.

Never afraid to shy away from recruitment innovation, Adria Solutions recently invested in SourceBreaker for faster, more intelligent candidate sourcing.

If you’re looking for a leading IT recruitment company that implements the latest technology and tools to fine-tune, speed up and make the whole recruitment process more effective, then get in touch with Adria Solutions, experts in finding the matching the best IT talent with the right company and roles.