Client services – Permanent

Are you looking for a talented candidate for a permanent role that requires HTML5 experience? Perhaps you need an experienced Front End Developer to fulfil a permanent role as quickly as possible? Here at Adria Solutions, we recognise and appreciate the importance of finding suitable talent for a permanent IT job as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Dedicating time to finding suitable permanent members of staff can often come at the expense of valuable time directors or managers could be using for more pressing company operations. The solution? Let Adria Solutions take care of fulfilling important IT roles with the right employee every time.

Meticulous screening of permanent candidates

Employing an unsuitable candidate can cost a company in time, resources and money. Our specialist team of permanent IT recruiters deliberately conduct comprehensive screening processes to ensure we find our clients the right candidate for an IT role that will help take your company forward.

Whether you are looking for a Project Manager, a Database Administrator, a BI Developer, a Software Developer, or any other type of IT specialist, our meticulous screening process ensures we match the right talent with specific IT skills and experience with the right job. This gives employers peace of mind that their IT recruitment requirements are in more than capable hands.

Value for money
With job advertisements to post, hordes of applications to go through, not to mention the arduous process of interviewing, finding a talented IT professional to fulfil a specific role can be an expensive process. By letting our specialist permanent IT employment team take care of your recruitment needs can prove to be a cost-effective and valuable investment.