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Monthly Tech Roundup: Our Five Tech Faves For April

Well, April has been our busiest month Ever! In-between helping candidates find their next career move and assisting clients in filling important IT & Digital roles, the Adria Solutions’ team have identified our five tech favourites causing a storm in the world of IT & Digital. Take a look at our tech roundup for April…. Read more »

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Monthly Tech Roundup: Our five tech faves for March

Our specialist team of IT & Digital Recruitment Consultants like to keep a keen eye on technological innovations in the world of technology. Take a look at what’s caught our eye this month, with our five favourite technology advancements making inroads in the rapidly-escalating world of tech. Transforming Web Banners Into Music Web banners can… Read more »

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Celebrating International Woman’s Day: A look at inspirational female figures in tech and the value of gender diversity in the workforce

International Woman’s Day (IWD) is held every year on March 8. This global commemorative day celebrates women’s social and political achievements, while calling for greater gender equality. IWD’s roots date back to 1908 in New York, when the Socialist Party of America organised a Women’s Day and marched through the city demanding better pay, shorter… Read more »

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Recruitment Practices for the Better

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to make its mark on recruitment, transforming many processes so they’re more streamlined and efficient. Take a look at some of the ways AI is being embroiled into the recruitment industry and making positive changes. Building relationships with candidates with AI To help find and build trust with candidates, it’s… Read more »


How Technology Can Help Small Businesses Find The Right Talent

Small to medium-sized businesses account for nearly half of the UK’s employment, and yet these smaller-sized businesses often find themselves struggling to identify the talent which can help drive their company forward. Hiring can be a stressful and ultimately unsuccessful experience for many small firms, and yet the health of the country’s economy actually relies… Read more »


How Will The General Election Affect The Digital Sector?

The announcement of a snap General Election on 8th June has caused ripples in many UK sectors, including the IT, digital and tech sector. The industry is currently thriving, outperforming the rest of the economy and bucking all trends in relation to pre-Brexit uncertainty. But what will the General Election mean for digital, IT and… Read more »

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UK Tech Sector Recruitment Overcomes General Election Uncertainty

A great number of industries are affected by the run-up to and the aftermath of a general election, particularly recruitment. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the potential shake-ups and upsets in Westminster, the IT and tech industry has managed to buck the trend seen in the public sector in particular and actually experienced a boom in recruitment growth.

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Information Technology Tops The Telegraph’s Recruitment In Demand Report

Not so long ago at the peak of the recession, hundreds of candidates would be battling for the limited job supply in the UK. However, the tides have now changed for Britain’s recruitment landscape, which now boasts an increasingly buoyant employment market.  
Britain’s economy continues to recover and consequently businesses of a diverse range of sectors are increasing their recruitment intake.


IT Employment Trends That Can’t Go Ignored

Similar to the fashion industry, interior design and even real estate, the jobs market is subject to fluctuations and trends. With technology advancing at prolific speeds, drifts in the recruitment sector are particular prevailing in the IT industry.


Recruitment Technology A Blessing Or A Hindrance

As a result of the rapidly expanding digital age, a new breed of software has been developed aimed at the recruitment sector. These automated systems and time-saving devices are the in-thing, but for how long?