Phone Phobia at Work

With both Halloween and Bonfire night coming to an end, the past two weeks have inspired an interesting topic of conversation in the Adria Office. So much so, that we decided to write a blog post on it! What is the topic you ask? Phone Phobia, or telephonobia (its technical name) at work. *Phone rings* Shortness… Read more »

All the elements of IT and Digital hand drawn around a laptop

What’s The Difference Between IT and Digital?

What’s the difference between IT and Digital? This is a question we are often asked here at Adria. Hiring managers are sometimes unsure where a particular job role sits but it’s also a topic which seems to confuse some candidates. It’s an important thing for hiring managers to consider before advertising a job vacancy in… Read more »

Lady looking worried. Can she trust a recruitment consultant?

Should You Trust A Recruitment Consultant?

Recruitment consultants spend a great deal of time sifting through personal details in order to do their job. Fortunately, there are laws and regulations in place which prevent this highly confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. However, occasionally, recruiters come across information puts them in an awkward moral dilemma. In situations like this,… Read more »

A business man and woman looking at each other quizzically. How can recruiters justify their ridiculous fee?

How Can Recruiters Justify Charging Such Ridiculous Fees?

People don’t like recruitment consultants – fact. They think recruitment fees are a complete rip off. There are a few possible reasons for this: The reputation of the recruitment industry is marred by rogue recruiters who are purely motivated by their own financial gains Many people don’t understand what recruiters actually do to earn their… Read more »

Summer recruitment planning

Planning to Attract Top Talent? Plan to Make the Most of Summer

There are a several problems businesses encounter when hiring throughout summer but with proper planning, you can achieve great results; although, the summer tends to be a slower period for most firms. This makes it an ideal time to steal in and secure the best available talent. At the beginning of every summer, there is… Read more »

An antique phone with a fountain pen and handwritten notes. Evidence of a good recruitment consultant taking the time to get to know their clients and candidates

Recruitment Agencies VS Recruitment Consultants and The Importance Of Knowing The Difference

Recruitment consultants are the same as recruitment agencies, right? Wrong! While both help fill job positions with candidates, recruitment consultants like Adria Solutions, offer an advisory-led service, aimed at benefiting both clients and candidates. Developing long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates While recruitment agencies often prioritise quality over quantity, recruitment consultants are committed to building… Read more »

Company Culture Is Important as Salaries for IT Candidates

When it comes to attracting talented IT professionals, company culture is as important as salaries. According to several IT employers who attended the recent BusinessCloud ‘Tech Recruitment Timebomb’ event in London, recruitment is a leading challenge for tech companies, and the right company culture can help attract the best talent as much as competitive salaries… Read more »

Tips for Using Social Media to Find the Best IT Talent

Competition for the right IT talent is fiercer than ever, with companies of all sizes, industries and locations, struggling to fill vital IT roles with individuals that possess the necessary skillsets and talent. In fact, skills shortages that could potentially hinder a company’s growth, is a leading concern for many CEOs. Social media is having… Read more »


Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Recruitment Requirements

From writing the job specification, advertising the job, reading CVs, shortlisting suitable applicants, interviewing candidates and then deciding who is successful, it goes without saying recruitment can be tedious, slow and time-consuming. Such is the onerous nature of recruitment that it is hardly surprising many employers opt to outsource the recruitment process. If you’ve yet… Read more »


What Will GDPR Mean For Your Business?

Does your business currently process, store or otherwise handle information about its customers? If so, then it’s crucial that you clue up on GDPR and understand fully what your new responsibilities will be. What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation is a piece of legislation that will replace the current Data Protection Act 1998. GDPR… Read more »

Five Easy Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience When Recruiting

Are your resourcing practices up to scratch, or are you putting talent off with a poor candidate experience? This is a question that HR managers and recruiters need to be able to answer with confidence. In a competitive marketplace, offering an exceptional candidate experience could be the crucial advantage that gives you the edge over… Read more »

Merry Christmas to all our clients!

Tis’ the season to be jolly and the whole of the Adria Solutions’ team would like to wish you and your company a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’d also like to thank all our clients, present, former and future, for entrusting Adria Solutions to take care of their IT recruitment requirements. We… Read more »

Adria Solutions Expands its Contract Division

  The increasing demand for contract employment in the UK’s IT industry, means that our specialist recruitment services at Adria Solutions are in high demand. We are proud to announce that we are growing our Contract Division to satisfy all your temporary recruitment needs. A survey conducted by Career Builder in 2015 found that nearly… Read more »

Why employee engagement could be the key to retention for tech firms!

  Head-hunting and poaching are common in the digital and technology world. Everyone wants to attract candidates with the very best skills and the very latest knowledge, crucial to keep up with the competition in a very fast-moving industry. Companies are desperate to find the best and brightest digital talent, even if they currently happen… Read more »

Start-up Recruitment – What’s the best strategy to take?

  Start-up recruitment – what’s the best strategy to take? Recruiting your first employees as a brand new company can be a risky business. After all, the biggest mistake a start-up can make is to overreach itself and try to grow too fast. So, what approach should you be taking to recruitment – slow and… Read more »

Attracting And Nurturing Young Talent In Your Business

There are many significant benefits of hiring more young employees, graduates and bright new talent. For example, it can:

  • Bring in fresh new skills and ideas
  • Help your company to ‘move with the times’
  • Build your company’s talent pipeline – so as to secure its future
  • Enable you to grow and nurture talent, so you don’t have to spend so much buying it in
  • Improve your brand as an employer

So, if you weren’t considering investing in young people, to attract them to your company, why not – when you could potentially be missing out on all of these benefits?


Adria Solution’s contract recruitment department is now open

Adria Solutions is delighted to announce that our contract recruitment department is now open.

Our team of professional and experienced recruitment consultants have long recognised that the demand for ‘quick fix’ contracts are on the rise, particularly within the IT sector. Consequently, we are committed to providing employers with quality, experienced, talented and professional employees for temporary contracts.

mistakes shown on a text document

Five common job references mistakes

So you’re in the market for a job. From perfecting your CV to honing your interview skills, there’s plenty job-seekers can do to keep themselves busy and improve their chances of securing their dream job.

flexible working

Should Employers Embrace Flexible Working Practices?

In June 2014 the UK Government introduced new legislation that gives employees the legal right to ask for flexible working options. The Government said it wanted to abandon the “cultural assumption” that flexible working arrangements are confined to parents and carers, and ensure the practice applies to all.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Competitors In 2015: Top Recruitment Strategies For The New Year

With tinsel decoratively dangled across workstations, office gossip going into overdrive following the Christmas party and a general buzz around the workplace that only Christmas can create, there’s no denying the festive season is now in full swing.

As employees of all trades are looking forward to a well-earned break, 2015 is just round the corner and the savviest of recruiters and employers are formulating recruitment strategies for the forthcoming year.

We take a look at five recruitment strategies for 2015 that are likely to prove an invaluable asset in attracting the best candidates, staying ahead of competitors and generating company growth next year.

Advice For Avoiding IT Recruitment Mistakes

While all industries evolve and experience change, the IT industry is driven by relentless revolution. Operating within an industry of unwavering evolvement, both employers and employees need to stay up-to-date with fresh trends and practices in order to keep IT companies in-tune and conversant.

recruitment consultant

What Makes A Quality Recruitment Consultant

Specialist recruitment consultants are becoming increasingly essential in helping companies fulfil their long-term business goals. In finding suitable candidates for permanent and temporary positions, expert agencies are able to offer great value to clients, augmenting the capabilities, proficiency and reputation of a business.
With a growing number of businesses relying on qualified consultants to find the right staff, thus saving them time and money, the demand for specialised recruitment consultants is steadily increasing.
In fact earlier this year, the news spotlight was focused on how recruiting the wrong person can have a detrimental effect on a business. With stories of ineffectual employees withering the productivity and reputation of a company hitting the headlines, the demand for quality recruitment consultants has never been so high.
But what exactly makes a recruitment consultant considered quality, proficient and effective?

How Your Company Can Attract The Best Job Seekers?

The job market is highly competitive for companies looking to hire people in the IT sector, especially .net developers. This is good news for IT professionals, who can pick and choose the best positions on offer, but not great news for companies who, after going through the lengthy recruitment process are finding that candidates are being offered other roles, or receiving counter offers from their current employers. Companies need to discover the motives of individuals looking to make their next job move and work harder to hire them.

recruitment agency

It Makes Sense To Use A Recruitment Agency

It makes a great deal of sense for job seekers to use a reputable recruitment agency. A professional agency will actively market your services and skills to their large client base and this usually means a suitable position is found quickly.

The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Company

Whenever your company needs to recruit new staff members, you should think twice about trying to do it yourself – it’s time-consuming and uneconomic. It’s far better to let a professional recruitment company handle all aspects of your staff recruitment.
If you’re not entirely convinced that this is the best route to follow, take a look at exactly how much time and effort is involved in getting suitable candidates lined up for interviews.