Phone Phobia at Work

With both Halloween and Bonfire night coming to an end, the past two weeks have inspired an interesting topic of conversation in the Adria Office. So much so, that we decided to write a blog post on it! What is the topic you ask? Phone Phobia, or telephonobia (its technical name) at work. *Phone rings* Shortness… Read more »

Picture of a dark phone screen - candidate is awaiting interview feedback, feeling that they may have been ghosted.

Interview Feedback: Feeling Ghosted?

Interview Feedback, what to do when you feel like you have been ‘ghosted’ after your interview This latest blog post will explore how you may gain interview feedback effectively, without feeling like you’re ‘hassling’ your potential employer. Later, we will assess the most common reasons why interviewers may delay interview feedback or even leave you… Read more »

Lady looking worried. Can she trust a recruitment consultant?

Should You Trust A Recruitment Consultant?

Recruitment consultants spend a great deal of time sifting through personal details in order to do their job. Fortunately, there are laws and regulations in place which prevent this highly confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. However, occasionally, recruiters come across information puts them in an awkward moral dilemma. In situations like this,… Read more »

A business man and woman looking at each other quizzically. How can recruiters justify their ridiculous fee?

How Can Recruiters Justify Charging Such Ridiculous Fees?

People don’t like recruitment consultants – fact. They think recruitment fees are a complete rip off. There are a few possible reasons for this: The reputation of the recruitment industry is marred by rogue recruiters who are purely motivated by their own financial gains Many people don’t understand what recruiters actually do to earn their… Read more »

Man searching for the answer to an awkward interview question

How To Respond To Awkward Interview Questions In An Intelligent Way

Candidates will face many questions during job interviews and many of them will be easy to answer, though the ones that aren’t so easy to answer tend to be pretty awkward. These questions will often revolve around sensitive or personal issues or be structured in a way that enables the interviewer to learn something about… Read more »

An antique phone with a fountain pen and handwritten notes. Evidence of a good recruitment consultant taking the time to get to know their clients and candidates

Recruitment Agencies VS Recruitment Consultants and The Importance Of Knowing The Difference

Recruitment consultants are the same as recruitment agencies, right? Wrong! While both help fill job positions with candidates, recruitment consultants like Adria Solutions, offer an advisory-led service, aimed at benefiting both clients and candidates. Developing long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates While recruitment agencies often prioritise quality over quantity, recruitment consultants are committed to building… Read more »

Women working in tech

Celebrating International Woman’s Day: A look at inspirational female figures in tech and the value of gender diversity in the workforce

International Woman’s Day (IWD) is held every year on March 8. This global commemorative day celebrates women’s social and political achievements, while calling for greater gender equality. IWD’s roots date back to 1908 in New York, when the Socialist Party of America organised a Women’s Day and marched through the city demanding better pay, shorter… Read more »

tech sector

Are CVs Still Relevant in Tech Recruitment?

New research has shown that over 75% of hiring managers have selected candidates who didn’t look good on paper. Despite this lack of a convincing CV, these same recruiters report back that this was the right decision and the candidate was the ideal choice for the business. The study by HackerRank, its 2018 Tech Recruiting… Read more »

digital career

4 Ways To Step Onto The Digital Career Ladder

Digital marketing is an exciting industry to work in and there is a huge variety of roles up for grabs. You could work in SEO, become a copywriter or even manage a company’s social media platforms. There are many career progression opportunities for you to climb your way up the ladder, so it’s certainly an… Read more »

digital workers

UK Needs Millions More Digital Workers By 2020, Report Shows

Britain has seen healthy growth in digital innovation, but despite steady development, more needs to be done to prevent the UK being derailed from its enviable position as a dominant force in IT. If the UK is to reach its digital potential and power the digital economy it has promised, it will require the skills… Read more »

CV tips

CV Tips For 2018 Every Jobseeker Should Know About

It’s a new year, a fresh start, so when could be a better time to look for a new job? Granted, with the buoyancy and optimism that goes hand-in-hand with the start of a year, January and February seem like an appropriate time to look for a new job. However, research shows that at least… Read more »

digital jobs

The 10 Digital Jobs Set To Be Most In Demand By 2020

New research has revealed the ten digital and IT jobs that are set to become the most crucial over the next two to three years, with competition to attract the best talent for these positions predicted to become increasingly fierce. The professional networking platform LinkedIn and CapGemini, the business consulting and professional services organisation, teamed… Read more »

digital career

Considering A Career In Digital? How To Get A Foot In The Door

You don’t need to be a hotshot coder to get a job in the IT and digital sector, which according to the latest Tech Nation report is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. There are a huge number of opportunities available in this exciting, fast-moving industry. It’s all about knowing where… Read more »

Merry Christmas to past, present and future candidates!

  Tis’ the season to be jolly and the whole of the Adria Solutions’ team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If 2017 comes with aspirations to find a new job, embark on the next chapter in your career, or work for a great company, then you’re in… Read more »

Leading Graduate Career Trends Of 2016

  The signs of continued growth in the UK’s recruitment industry indicates that there has never been a better time to be graduating from university and taking the first step of the journey towards a fulfilling and prosperous career. A survey conducted by AGCAS in 2015, reported that the graduate labour market increased in 2015… Read more »

Adria Solutions Expands its Contract Division

  The increasing demand for contract employment in the UK’s IT industry, means that our specialist recruitment services at Adria Solutions are in high demand. We are proud to announce that we are growing our Contract Division to satisfy all your temporary recruitment needs. A survey conducted by Career Builder in 2015 found that nearly… Read more »

graduate career

6 Tips For Graduates: How To Get Ahead And Kick-start Your Graduate Career

Graduating from university and looking ahead to your new career can be a hugely exciting time, but it can also be very challenging. With lots of students graduating at the same time, all with fantastic qualifications and just as much enthusiasm and passion as yourself – the competition for the best jobs can be fierce.


Optimising Recruitment For Mobile Applicants

Research conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Indeed in 2014, found that 78% of US jobseekers said they would use their mobile devices to apply for jobs if the process was simplified. We have to admit it seems recruiters have taken notice because if you’ve been searching for a job via the likes of a tablet or smartphone in recent months, you may have noticed a new phrase has popped up on many of the recruitment sites and career pages – ‘apply for this job from your mobile device’.


Adria Solution’s contract recruitment department is now open

Adria Solutions is delighted to announce that our contract recruitment department is now open.

Our team of professional and experienced recruitment consultants have long recognised that the demand for ‘quick fix’ contracts are on the rise, particularly within the IT sector. Consequently, we are committed to providing employers with quality, experienced, talented and professional employees for temporary contracts.

Graduate Recruitment Opportunities At A Ten-year High In The UK

It’s great news for graduates. According to recent research, the first of the students that paid the higher tuition fees will graduate in the most lucrative recruitment market for more than a decade. The attractive graduate job market in the UK in 2015 includes an increase in the number of jobs available and better starting salaries at many of the country’s top employers.

UK IT Professionals Enjoy Salary Hikes In Wake Of Skills Shortage

Web developers, software analysts, IT project managers, security administrators, support technicians, just about every strand of the IT profession you can care to imagine is in huge demand. What’s more, due to a significant shortage in relevant skills, IT professionals are witnessing a nationwide rise in salaries.

Common Reasons An Employer Delays Post-interview Contact

Common reasons an employer delays post-interview contact

You got through to the interview stage, the interview went well and you felt confident you’d hear back soon with good news. The days quickly turn into weeks and before you know it a month has gone by and you’ve still not heard anything.

Candidates having to wait for prolonged periods to be informed of the outcome of an interview is a fair from ideal scenario and, unfortunately, a fairly common one.

While some organisations, as standard practice, send out rejection emails or letters, other take much longer to inform applicants of an interview outcome.

Being in the ‘unknown’ period can be agonising for a candidate. If you are in that position you might get some relief from the following fairly common reasons an employer delays post-interview contact.

kid on a bike will grow up to be a computer repair guy

Boosting your employment brand

Boosting your employment brand

Which are the most lucrative and desirable brands for graduates and hot new talent to feverishly want employment with? Google, Yahoo, the BBC perhaps? For almost every company, whether it spans a global reach and operates in multiple markets, or has just one base in one country, attracting the right workforce can be a major determinant of growth and ultimately profits.

tech sector

IT Job Hunting and Counter Offers

IT Job Hunting and Counter Offers

If you’re thinking of moving to another company, here are some useful tips for employees in IT support jobs, computer jobs, IT sales jobs and web developer jobs.

Things Are Looking Up For IT Professionals

Numbers Tell the Story

The technology sector is on the up according to a recent survey conducted by Computerworld. Most IT professionals are more positive about their profession and figures show that salaries and computing jobs are on the rise.

telephone interview

Useful Advice For Telephone Job Interviews

Many employers use the telephone to conduct initial job interviews, as it’s a quick and cost effective way to screen candidates and narrow down the number of applicants who’ll be invited to attend in-person interviews. Job seekers should remain prepared at all times for a phone interview as this could happen when least expected.

recruitment agency

It Makes Sense To Use A Recruitment Agency

It makes a great deal of sense for job seekers to use a reputable recruitment agency. A professional agency will actively market your services and skills to their large client base and this usually means a suitable position is found quickly.

calendar showing months

New year, new start, new job

As the festive period commences, a large percentage of us spend a considerable amount of time mulling over the past year’s events. Coming to the conclusion that those three hundred and sixty five days haven’t been exactly what we’d have liked, we’re inclined to make changes for the new year. Applying for a new job, or perhaps a promotion in your current company, always feature on “New Year’s Resolutions” lists. Whether you want to leave your current job due to your boss channelling Cruella De Ville or you fancy a new challenge, here are some sure-fire ways to prepare you and ultimately bag yourself that dream position you’ve spent the year lusting after.

Boost Your Skills With Free Online Courses

Distance learning is something that has been around for a relatively long time, with the Open University established in 1969.  However online resources have been coming increasing popular, with some of the most prestigious Universities offering free courses that can aid you in your job search.

Adria Solutions’ Important Tips When Drafting Your CV

The way CVs are written in today’s fast-paced business world, differ in many ways from those written only ten years ago. Not only does a CV need to be concise and clearly set out, but it should also be written (or re-written) to include the latest CV developments. For all those job seekers out there trying their best to impress, here are a few of the new CV writing methods:

looking for an IT job image

Useful tips for job hunters

Finding a new job in these uncertain economic times can be extremely difficult, so it’s important that you, the job seeker, do all you can to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A well-drafted CV, good interview techniques and choosing the right agency are just a few of the things you can work on. Let’s look at these in more detail.  

Useful Tips For Your Job Interview

Whether it’s IT support jobs, computer jobs, web developer jobs, or IT sales jobs, a job interview is your one (and only) opportunity to convince an employer that you’re the most suitable applicant. Approach your interview with a positive attitude – be bright, pleasant and alert to your interviewer’s questions.


Here are some useful tips for a successful interview:

Adria Solutions Sees Demand Grow For North-west C# Developers

Companies across the country are aiming to bolster their information technology teams at present, with the likes of VB.NET experts, SEO developers and web designers all proving highly sought-after.

However, now that spring is well and truly upon us, Stockport IT recruitment agency Adria Solutions has noticed a substantial increase in demand for C# developers in particular, with the company working hard to find the right candidates to fill a variety of roles across the north-west region and in Manchester itself.