Adria Solutions Enjoys Organic Growth in its Most Successful Year on Record

The Adria Solutions’ team is thrilled to announce 2018 has been our most successful year so far, an achievement that has helped us enjoy organic and sustained growth throughout the year and strengthen our status as one of the UK’s leading IT recruitment firms. Asides the hard work and dedication of our members of staff,… Read more »

Company Culture Is Important as Salaries for IT Candidates

When it comes to attracting talented IT professionals, company culture is as important as salaries. According to several IT employers who attended the recent BusinessCloud ‘Tech Recruitment Timebomb’ event in London, recruitment is a leading challenge for tech companies, and the right company culture can help attract the best talent as much as competitive salaries… Read more »

Tips for Using Social Media to Find the Best IT Talent

Competition for the right IT talent is fiercer than ever, with companies of all sizes, industries and locations, struggling to fill vital IT roles with individuals that possess the necessary skillsets and talent. In fact, skills shortages that could potentially hinder a company’s growth, is a leading concern for many CEOs. Social media is having… Read more »

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Recruitment Practices for the Better

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to make its mark on recruitment, transforming many processes so they’re more streamlined and efficient. Take a look at some of the ways AI is being embroiled into the recruitment industry and making positive changes. Building relationships with candidates with AI To help find and build trust with candidates, it’s… Read more »

Research Finds that Hiring the Wrong Candidate Could Cost You £17,000

We all know that recruitment inevitably takes time and money, even if you recruit in-house. Unless the ideal candidate falls into your lap, you’re going to need to invest some resources into the search for the talent you need to fill a vital role and drive the business forward. But what if you get it… Read more »

Is Age Discrimination Still a Problem in Recruitment?

Workplace diversity is a particularly hot topic at the moment, especially since mandatory pay gap reporting for larger organisations was put in place by the government. However, gender discrimination isn’t the only issue under discussion in the recruitment world. Despite figures from the Chartered Management Institute which reveal that around 1.9 million highly skilled, well… Read more »

Are CVs Still Relevant in Tech Recruitment?

New research has shown that over 75% of hiring managers have selected candidates who didn’t look good on paper. Despite this lack of a convincing CV, these same recruiters report back that this was the right decision and the candidate was the ideal choice for the business. The study by HackerRank, its 2018 Tech Recruiting… Read more »

Introducing an Easier Way to Contact our Recruitment Specialists

Adria Solutions has always been known for our specialist expertise in IT, tech and digital recruitment. Our dedicated consultants take the time to match the right talent with the right role, using their extensive experience to ensure the perfect fit. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart from other recruitment services. We… Read more »

IT Specialist Recruitment Agencies in Demand

The demand for recruitment agencies to help fill a variety of skills gaps in the UK continues to increase, with the IT and technology sectors most in need of specialist recruitment help. Agencies are in demand to help find talented candidates in the IT sector in particular, as it is one of the fastest growing… Read more »

How Technology can Help Small Businesses Find the Right Talent

Small to medium-sized businesses account for nearly half of the UK’s employment, and yet these smaller-sized businesses often find themselves struggling to identify the talent which can help drive their company forward. Hiring can be a stressful and ultimately unsuccessful experience for many small firms, and yet the health of the country’s economy actually relies… Read more »

4 ways to step onto the digital career ladder

Digital marketing is an exciting industry to work in and there is a huge variety of roles up for grabs. You could work in SEO, become a copywriter or even manage a company’s social media platforms. There are many career progression opportunities for you to climb your way up the ladder, so it’s certainly an… Read more »

Benefits of outsourcing your recruitment requirements

From writing the job specification, advertising the job, reading CVs, shortlisting suitable applicants, interviewing candidates and then deciding who is successful, it goes without saying recruitment can be tedious, slow and time-consuming. Such is the onerous nature of recruitment that it is hardly surprising many employers opt to outsource the recruitment process. If you’ve yet… Read more »

UK needs millions more digital workers by 2020, report shows

Britain has seen healthy growth in digital innovation, but despite steady development, more needs to be done to prevent the UK being derailed from its enviable position as a dominant force in IT. If the UK is to reach its digital potential and power the digital economy it has promised, it will require the skills… Read more »

How both employers and candidates can reduce job hunting stress

A new study of 1,200 employees in the UK has revealed that the majority find job hunting to be a major source of workplace stress. Nearly 85% admitted that searching for a new role always or frequently makes them feel stressed, while a further 83% believe that this kind of stress is a real problem… Read more »

The 10 digital jobs set to be most in demand by 2020

New research has revealed the ten digital and IT jobs that are set to become the most crucial over the next two to three years, with competition to attract the best talent for these positions predicted to become increasingly fierce. The professional networking platform LinkedIn and CapGemini, the business consulting and professional services organisation, teamed… Read more »

Five Easy Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience when Recruiting

Are your resourcing practices up to scratch, or are you putting talent off with a poor candidate experience? This is a question that HR managers and recruiters need to be able to answer with confidence. In a competitive marketplace, offering an exceptional candidate experience could be the crucial advantage that gives you the edge over… Read more »

Adria Partners with NorthWest IT Jobs Group

      North West IT Jobs Board is coming to the North West highlighting the often-overlooked benefits of jobs boards for employers and job-hunters A new IT jobs board is on its way to the north west, known as North West IT Jobs, which will provide both recruiters and job hunters a convenient way… Read more »

Considering a Career in Digital? How to get a Foot in the Door

You don’t need to be a hotshot coder to get a job in the IT and digital sector, which according to the latest Tech Nation report is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. There are a huge number of opportunities available in this exciting, fast-moving industry. It’s all about knowing where… Read more »

How will the General Election Affect the Digital Sector?

The announcement of a snap General Election on 8th June has caused ripples in many UK sectors, including the IT, digital and tech sector. The industry is currently thriving, outperforming the rest of the economy and bucking all trends in relation to pre-Brexit uncertainty. But what will the General Election mean for digital, IT and… Read more »

Brexit and the Recruitment Market

The triggering of Article 50 has caused uncertainty in many industries about what lies ahead, including recruitment. There are many potential impacts of Brexit on recruitment and while there are likely to be challenges ahead, there may even be some positive consequences. According to a poll carried out by City and Guilds among 500 senior… Read more »

Recruitment Trends Forecast for 2017

The New Year can be a busy time for recruiters. Employers optimistically looking towards taking on fresh recruits to nurture company growth, whilst employees are looking for new opportunities to embark on fresh challenges in the New Year. Yes, it’s safe to say, the recruitment sector is bustling with buoyancy at the start of the… Read more »

Merry Christmas to past, present and future candidates!

  Tis’ the season to be jolly and the whole of the Adria Solutions’ team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If 2017 comes with aspirations to find a new job, embark on the next chapter in your career, or work for a great company, then you’re in… Read more »

Merry Christmas to all our clients!

Tis’ the season to be jolly and the whole of the Adria Solutions’ team would like to wish you and your company a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’d also like to thank all our clients, present, former and future, for entrusting Adria Solutions to take care of their IT recruitment requirements. We… Read more »

Key features of LinkedIn’s Recruitment Trends Report for 2017

With 2016 coming to a close and the New Year beckoning, LinkedIn has released its recruiting trends for SMEs report for 2017. The Small and Mid-Sized Business Recruiting Trends 2017 is based on the responses made by more than 2,600 corporate talent acquisition leaders at SMEs in 35 countries. All the survey’s respondents were at… Read more »

In the wake of Brexit, temporary employment is on the rise, report finds

New research has found that following the results of the EU referendum vote in June, the number of people being employed for permanent positions has dropped. Markit has compiled the annual Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) report, which shows that recruitment for permanent jobs dropped in July by its fastest rate since May 2009 –… Read more »

Leading graduate career trends of 2016

  The signs of continued growth in the UK’s recruitment industry indicates that there has never been a better time to be graduating from university and taking the first step of the journey towards a fulfilling and prosperous career. A survey conducted by AGCAS in 2015, reported that the graduate labour market increased in 2015… Read more »

Adria Solutions Expands its Contract Division

  The increasing demand for contract employment in the UK’s IT industry, means that our specialist recruitment services at Adria Solutions are in high demand. We are proud to announce that we are growing our Contract Division to satisfy all your temporary recruitment needs. A survey conducted by Career Builder in 2015 found that nearly… Read more »

Temporary recruitment soars in the UK

  Despite uncertainty about Britain’s future in Europe and Brexit concerns, the recruitment sector remains buoyant in the UK, particularly temporary recruitment. A survey compiled in 2015 showed the UK’s recruitment industry boasted a net fee income increase of 83% that year. The report tributes its success to the healthy state of the economy. With… Read more »

Why employee engagement could be the key to retention for tech firms!

  Head-hunting and poaching are common in the digital and technology world. Everyone wants to attract candidates with the very best skills and the very latest knowledge, crucial to keep up with the competition in a very fast-moving industry. Companies are desperate to find the best and brightest digital talent, even if they currently happen… Read more »

Start-up Recruitment – What’s the best strategy to take?

  Start-up recruitment – what’s the best strategy to take? Recruiting your first employees as a brand new company can be a risky business. After all, the biggest mistake a start-up can make is to overreach itself and try to grow too fast. So, what approach should you be taking to recruitment – slow and… Read more »

5 things that are just as important as your CV when job hunting.

5 things that are just as important as your CV when job hunting When looking for a new job, it’s easy to get a little obsessed with your CV. We’re all searching for the ‘perfect CV’, the golden ticket to interviews and job offers. Does this ‘perfect CV’ even exist though, and we placing far… Read more »

6 tips for graduates: how to get ahead and kick-start your graduate career

Graduating from university and looking ahead to your new career can be a hugely exciting time, but it can also be very challenging. With lots of students graduating at the same time, all with fantastic qualifications and just as much enthusiasm and passion as yourself – the competition for the best jobs can be fierce.

UK recruitment sector on the up and up

A new survey has shown that for the third consecutive year, Britain’s recruitment sector is enjoying growth. One of the key influencers contributing to a strong recruitment market is the overall buoyant economic health of the country.

Attracting and nurturing young talent in your business

There are many significant benefits of hiring more young employees, graduates and bright new talent. For example, it can:

  • Bring in fresh new skills and ideas
  • Help your company to ‘move with the times’
  • Build your company’s talent pipeline – so as to secure its future
  • Enable you to grow and nurture talent, so you don’t have to spend so much buying it in
  • Improve your brand as an employer

So, if you weren’t considering investing in young people, to attract them to your company, why not – when you could potentially be missing out on all of these benefits?

Optimising recruitment for mobile applicants

Research conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Indeed in 2014, found that 78% of US jobseekers said they would use their mobile devices to apply for jobs if the process was simplified. We have to admit it seems recruiters have taken notice because if you’ve been searching for a job via the likes of a tablet or smartphone in recent months, you may have noticed a new phrase has popped up on many of the recruitment sites and career pages – ‘apply for this job from your mobile device’.

UK tech sector recruitment overcomes General Election uncertainty

A great number of industries are affected by the run-up to and the aftermath of a general election, particularly recruitment. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the potential shake-ups and upsets in Westminster, the IT and tech industry has managed to buck the trend seen in the public sector in particular and actually experienced a boom in recruitment growth.

Interviewing: 10 tips for those on both sides of the table

Job interviews can be very difficult and nerve-wracking situations, and not just for the interviewee. Whether you’re attending or holding the interview, here are some crucial tips for those on both sides of the table…

Adria Solution’s contract recruitment department is now open

Adria Solutions is delighted to announce that our contract recruitment department is now open.

Our team of professional and experienced recruitment consultants have long recognised that the demand for ‘quick fix’ contracts are on the rise, particularly within the IT sector. Consequently, we are committed to providing employers with quality, experienced, talented and professional employees for temporary contracts.

Information Technology tops the Telegraph’s recruitment in demand report

Not so long ago at the peak of the recession, hundreds of candidates would be battling for the limited job supply in the UK. However, the tides have now changed for Britain’s recruitment landscape, which now boasts an increasingly buoyant employment market.  
Britain’s economy continues to recover and consequently businesses of a diverse range of sectors are increasing their recruitment intake.

Adria Solutions’ ambitious five year plan

In a drive to keep moving forward, grow significantly and become the number one IT and Marketing recruitment agency is the UK, Adria Solutions has an ambitious five year plan in place.  

Five common job references mistakes

mistakes shown on a text document

So you’re in the market for a job. From perfecting your CV to honing your interview skills, there’s plenty job-seekers can do to keep themselves busy and improve their chances of securing their dream job.

Should employers embrace flexible working practices?

In June 2014 the UK Government introduced new legislation that gives employees the legal right to ask for flexible working options. The Government said it wanted to abandon the “cultural assumption” that flexible working arrangements are confined to parents and carers, and ensure the practice applies to all.

Graduate recruitment opportunities at a ten-year high in the UK

It’s great news for graduates. According to recent research, the first of the students that paid the higher tuition fees will graduate in the most lucrative recruitment market for more than a decade. The attractive graduate job market in the UK in 2015 includes an increase in the number of jobs available and better starting salaries at many of the country’s top employers.

Stay one step ahead of competitors in 2015: Top recruitment strategies for the New Year

With tinsel decoratively dangled across workstations, office gossip going into overdrive following the Christmas party and a general buzz around the workplace that only Christmas can create, there’s no denying the festive season is now in full swing.

As employees of all trades are looking forward to a well-earned break, 2015 is just round the corner and the savviest of recruiters and employers are formulating recruitment strategies for the forthcoming year.

We take a look at five recruitment strategies for 2015 that are likely to prove an invaluable asset in attracting the best candidates, staying ahead of competitors and generating company growth next year.

UK IT professionals enjoy salary hikes in wake of skills shortage

Web developers, software analysts, IT project managers, security administrators, support technicians, just about every strand of the IT profession you can care to imagine is in huge demand. What’s more, due to a significant shortage in relevant skills, IT professionals are witnessing a nationwide rise in salaries.

Common reasons an employer delays post-interview contact

Common reasons an employer delays post-interview contact

You got through to the interview stage, the interview went well and you felt confident you’d hear back soon with good news. The days quickly turn into weeks and before you know it a month has gone by and you’ve still not heard anything.

Candidates having to wait for prolonged periods to be informed of the outcome of an interview is a fair from ideal scenario and, unfortunately, a fairly common one.

While some organisations, as standard practice, send out rejection emails or letters, other take much longer to inform applicants of an interview outcome.

Being in the ‘unknown’ period can be agonising for a candidate. If you are in that position you might get some relief from the following fairly common reasons an employer delays post-interview contact.

Boosting your employment brand

kid on a bike will grow up to be a computer repair guy

Boosting your employment brand

Which are the most lucrative and desirable brands for graduates and hot new talent to feverishly want employment with? Google, Yahoo, the BBC perhaps? For almost every company, whether it spans a global reach and operates in multiple markets, or has just one base in one country, attracting the right workforce can be a major determinant of growth and ultimately profits.

Adria Solutions celebrates its ten year anniversary in style with a new look website!

Adria Solutions celebrates its ten year anniversary in style with a new look website!
Ten years ago, almost to the day, Adria Solutions was founded. Since establishing in 2004 we have developed our team of specialist recruiters and are now considered one of the leading forces in IT recruitment in the North West of England.

Advice for avoiding IT recruitment mistakes

While all industries evolve and experience change, the IT industry is driven by relentless revolution. Operating within an industry of unwavering evolvement, both employers and employees need to stay up-to-date with fresh trends and practices in order to keep IT companies in-tune and conversant.

Key recruitment sectors geared for growth

From providing career counselling and employment advice, to being dynamic salespeople and offering technical training and development, recruiters are hugely adaptable individuals. Acting as an intermediary between employers and candidates the role of a recruiter is required to meet the needs of both the candidate and the employer and to help find the best mutual fit.

Why the North West is the land of opportunity for IT graduates and professionals

The hub of Britain’s IT sector: Why the North West is the land of opportunity for IT graduates and professionals.

With the highest salaries, an internationally-recognised financial hub and a wealth of job opportunities, it’s understandable why many would assume London is the best place to land an IT job. But is it?

IT employment trends that can’t go ignored

Similar to the fashion industry, interior design and even real estate, the jobs market is subject to fluctuations and trends. With technology advancing at prolific speeds, drifts in the recruitment sector are particular prevailing in the IT industry.

What makes a quality recruitment consultant

Specialist recruitment consultants are becoming increasingly essential in helping companies fulfil their long-term business goals. In finding suitable candidates for permanent and temporary positions, expert agencies are able to offer great value to clients, augmenting the capabilities, proficiency and reputation of a business.
With a growing number of businesses relying on qualified consultants to find the right staff, thus saving them time and money, the demand for specialised recruitment consultants is steadily increasing.
In fact earlier this year, the news spotlight was focused on how recruiting the wrong person can have a detrimental effect on a business. With stories of ineffectual employees withering the productivity and reputation of a company hitting the headlines, the demand for quality recruitment consultants has never been so high.
But what exactly makes a recruitment consultant considered quality, proficient and effective?

Kicking off 2014

The year has begun with a bang, which is a good thing of course, but it’s taken us by surprise. Numerous IT job candidates with experience and a sound knowledge of ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and SQL Server are keeping us on our toes and our team is doing all they can to find each one of them the best possible position.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,

Let your heart be light,

From now on our troubles will be out of sight…

It’s that time of year again and although the economy is still under pressure we’re told that the recession is finally over and that companies like Adria Solutions, the UK’s leading IT recruitment professionals, can now look forward to a brighter and more productive future.

How Your Company Can Attract The Best Job Seekers?

The job market is highly competitive for companies looking to hire people in the IT sector, especially .net developers. This is good news for IT professionals, who can pick and choose the best positions on offer, but not great news for companies who, after going through the lengthy recruitment process are finding that candidates are being offered other roles, or receiving counter offers from their current employers. Companies need to discover the motives of individuals looking to make their next job move and work harder to hire them.

IT Job Hunting and Counter Offers

IT Job Hunting and Counter Offers

If you’re thinking of moving to another company, here are some useful tips for employees in IT support jobs, computer jobs, IT sales jobs and web developer jobs.

Recruitment Technology – A Blessing or a Hindrance

As a result of the rapidly expanding digital age, a new breed of software has been developed aimed at the recruitment sector. These automated systems and time-saving devices are the in-thing, but for how long?

Things Are Looking Up For IT Professionals

Numbers Tell the Story

The technology sector is on the up according to a recent survey conducted by Computerworld. Most IT professionals are more positive about their profession and figures show that salaries and computing jobs are on the rise.

Technical Testing

We’re pleased to announce a new online tool we’re using to help assess and technically test job candidates. It’s a more than useful guide for Adria Solutions to judge the strengths and weaknesses of all the candidates on our books. The system allows us to build a unique IT test for any given role. We are able to select groups of questions from the comprehensive question bank organised by category and work skills.

Adria Solutions….On the up!!!!

The year 2013 is already halfway through and IT recruitment specialists, Adria Solutions, are still exceeding its targets as far as new business is concerned. May and June have proved to be the two best months in our company’s history, with many new clients coming on board and the existing base of clients continuing to utilise our recruitment expertise and focused services.

What do Recruitment Agencies Do?

Recruitment agencies are a vital part of the business economy, serving as the main point of contact between job candidates and clients.

Useful Advice for Telephone Job Interviews

Many employers use the telephone to conduct initial job interviews, as it’s a quick and cost effective way to screen candidates and narrow down the number of applicants who’ll be invited to attend in-person interviews. Job seekers should remain prepared at all times for a phone interview as this could happen when least expected.

Running a Recruitment Agency

Simply put, the aim of a recruitment agency is to attract, screen, select and place qualified persons in the right job. But there’s a lot more involved in the process, including the analysis of jobs, the sourcing of candidates using traditional advertising and networking methods, the matching of candidates to the right job position, the assessment of the expertise and personality of candidates, and the finalisation of their placement.

It Makes Sense to Use a Recruitment Agency

It makes a great deal of sense for job seekers to use a reputable recruitment agency. A professional agency will actively market your services and skills to their large client base and this usually means a suitable position is found quickly.

As we kick off the New Year, it’s important that we remain innovative leaders in an industry that’s highly competitive. Our news this month is our new youtube video, which can be accessed at

Adria Solutions joins IOR and ARC.

With a successful 2012 business year behind us we are now looking forward to meeting the challenges of 2013. So far the year has got off to a terrific start with the exciting news of our qualification as members of the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) – the highest standard mark in British recruitment – and the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC).

New year, new start, new job

calendar showing months

As the festive period commences, a large percentage of us spend a considerable amount of time mulling over the past year’s events. Coming to the conclusion that those three hundred and sixty five days haven’t been exactly what we’d have liked, we’re inclined to make changes for the new year. Applying for a new job, or perhaps a promotion in your current company, always feature on “New Year’s Resolutions” lists. Whether you want to leave your current job due to your boss channelling Cruella De Ville or you fancy a new challenge, here are some sure-fire ways to prepare you and ultimately bag yourself that dream position you’ve spent the year lusting after.

Chestnuts Roasting…

With Xmas only a matter of weeks away, it’s time to reflect on the past year and the incredible success we’ve had in market conditions that have been extremely testing. We’ve learnt a great deal in the eight years we’ve been doing business, the most important of these being ‘putting clients first’. And our dedicated team of consultants has done just that with their robust work ethic and dynamic customer service.

Boost your Skills with Free online courses

Distance learning is something that has been around for a relatively long time, with the Open University established in 1969.  However online resources have been coming increasing popular, with some of the most prestigious Universities offering free courses that can aid you in your job search.

Adria Solutions – Important Tips When Drafting Your CV

The way CVs are written in today’s fast-paced business world, differ in many ways from those written only ten years ago. Not only does a CV need to be concise and clearly set out, but it should also be written (or re-written) to include the latest CV developments. For all those job seekers out there trying their best to impress, here are a few of the new CV writing methods:

The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Company

Whenever your company needs to recruit new staff members, you should think twice about trying to do it yourself – it’s time-consuming and uneconomic. It’s far better to let a professional recruitment company handle all aspects of your staff recruitment.
If you’re not entirely convinced that this is the best route to follow, take a look at exactly how much time and effort is involved in getting suitable candidates lined up for interviews.

Olympic Fever!!!!

London 2012

The curtain has come down on one of the most successful sporting events in the world – the London 2012 Olympics. Lord Sebastian Coe and his organisational team must be thanked for a job well done.

We must also thank the 70,000 volunteers who made Britain proud. No matter where the venue, their work ethic and dynamic positivity and willingness to be of assistance, demonstrated to visitors from all over the world how well Britain can stage the greatest show on earth.


Useful tips for job hunters

looking for an IT job image

Finding a new job in these uncertain economic times can be extremely difficult, so it’s important that you, the job seeker, do all you can to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A well-drafted CV, good interview techniques and choosing the right agency are just a few of the things you can work on. Let’s look at these in more detail.  


Adria Solutions is fast becoming known as one of the leading recruitment companies in the North West of England, specialising in placements across the UK that include web developer jobs, IT sales jobs, computer jobs and IT support jobs.

Useful Tips for Your Job Interview

Whether it’s IT support jobs, computer jobs, web developer jobs, or IT sales jobs, a job interview is your one (and only) opportunity to convince an employer that you’re the most suitable applicant. Approach your interview with a positive attitude – be bright, pleasant and alert to your interviewer’s questions.


Here are some useful tips for a successful interview:

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough (Adria) Get(s) Going

In the run-up to Christmas, the media have begun bombarding us with messages of economic gloom and doom. "Osborne to announce plan to boost growth as UK economy falters," reads the Telegraph, "Britain’s economy needs a big push," heralds the Guardian while the Daily Express declares, "Economic confidence in the UK drops."

Adria Solutions sees demand grow for north-west C# developers

Companies across the country are aiming to bolster their information technology teams at present, with the likes of VB.NET experts, SEO developers and web designers all proving highly sought-after.

However, now that spring is well and truly upon us, Stockport IT recruitment agency Adria Solutions has noticed a substantial increase in demand for C# developers in particular, with the company working hard to find the right candidates to fill a variety of roles across the north-west region and in Manchester itself.

IT job experts Adria Solutions boost social networking presence

With the cold winter months firmly behind us and much of the country basking in warm sunlight, Stockport’s IT recruitment specialists Adria Solutions are looking forward to a busy spring and summer period, with the firm aiming to boost its social networking presence.



Adria Solutions look to the future as tax year draws to a close

With the 2010/11 tax year drawing to a close in the next few weeks, Manchester IT recruitment firm Adria Solutions are already looking ahead to the next financial period, with a range of innovative new projects being lined up.


SEO and advertising high on Adria Solutions’ February agenda

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and advertising are both high on the agenda of north-west IT recruitment company Adria Solutions this February, with the business aiming to improve the visibility of its services and clients’ job listings.

IT experts Adria Solutions start 2011 with team building focus

While the new year is still in its early stages, north-west IT recruitment specialists Adria Solutions have seen no let up in demand for their extensive range of services, with many of the organisation’s clients looking to expand their information technology teams in the opening months of 2011.

Adria Solutions reveals 2011 goals ahead of festive season

With the 2010 Christmas period fast approaching, Stockport information technology recruitment specialists Adria Solutions are keen to look to the future, while taking the time to appreciate another successful year of business.

IT recruitment firm Adria Solutions marks sixth anniversary

While the information technology sector remains an unpredictable place, capable of changing on a daily basis, the Stockport-based IT recruitment firm Adria Solutions has proven its longevity and ability to adapt to a range of different climates by reaching its sixth anniversary.

Cheshire IT jobs agency Adria Solutions plots summer expansion

Summer may be in full swing but Stockport IT recruitment agency Adria Solutions is not about to rest on its laurels, with the firm continuing to collaborate with a range of diverse clients both in the north-west and across other regions of the UK.

Adria Solutions enjoys strong start to 2010

With the first quarter of the year nearly over, Adria Solutions is continuing to enjoy a strong start to 2010, offering a variety of appealing vacancies within the IT sector.

The Macclesfield-based IT recruitment specialists are using their experience to fulfil the needs of employers up and down the country, focusing on the north-west and other parts of the UK.
Meanwhile, the firm has broadened its horizons, collaborating with a number of new clients in the opening weeks of this year.