Adria Partners with NorthWest IT Jobs Group




North West IT Jobs Board is coming to the North West highlighting the often-overlooked benefits of jobs boards for employers and job-hunters

A new IT jobs board is on its way to the north west, known as North West IT Jobs, which will provide both recruiters and job hunters a convenient way to match suitable talent with the right job. The arrival of North West IT Jobs board highlights how jobs boards can benefit both employers searching for new talent and eager job hunters.

Jobs boards may once have simply been a vehicle for listing vacancies, but they’ve changed dramatically over the last few years. If you’re seeking new staff or searching for a new career challenge, overlook jobs boards at your peril. Here are just a few of their many, often-overlooked advantages:



Brand building

 Not many employers realise that as well as advertising vacancies on jobs boards, they can also use this space to build their brand as an employer and recruiter. This means they can expose more of their brand, ethos and offer to potential candidates. How can this be achieved? There are a few things employers can do, such as prioritise a consistent look, tone and feel to job postings and build the employer brand into job post content. You don’t just have to post the job description and instructions for applying – why not take advantage of the opportunity to communicate your reputation, uniqueness and the benefits of working for you? You can perhaps even look into owning some ‘real estate’ on the jobs board to have a strong, regular presence there.

Reaching a wider audience

Whether you’re posting your CV or a job vacancy, you need to post it where the largest possible number of people can see it. Even better, post to a specialist jobs board for your industry (i.e. IT, digital, tech etc.). This is where the talent will be looking, and where prospective new employers will be hoping to snap up the best candidates. Compare this wide reach within a specific industry to simply posting a job vacancy on your website, or passing your CV over to a general recruitment agency, and it’s easy to see where you’ll get the best results.

Conversation starters

Jobs boards can be the starting point for vital communications between employers and talent. They can introduce job-hunters to organisations they may not have been aware of, and prompt employers to step up their efforts to compete with rivals looking for candidates in the same areas. Even contacting an employer with a question about a role can open the door for future contact, which could even lead to a brand new job somewhere down the line.

Watch this space for news of the brand new North West IT Jobs board, which Adria Solutions will be involved with. Adria Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of recruitment technology advances, especially where it can help to connect the brightest talent with the most innovative IT and digital organisations. For expert advice on your digital or tech career, or efficient recruitment of candidates that will drive your business forward, get in touch with Adria Solutions today.