Key features of LinkedIn’s Recruitment Trends Report for 2017

With 2016 coming to a close and the New Year beckoning, LinkedIn has released its recruiting trends for SMEs report for 2017. The Small and Mid-Sized Business Recruiting Trends 2017 is based on the responses made by more than 2,600 corporate talent acquisition leaders at SMEs in 35 countries. All the survey’s respondents were at a manager level or higher.

Maintaining our ethos to stay on top of new and emerging recruitment trends, Adria Solutions looks at some of the key points raised in LinkedIn’s new recruitment report.

1- Recruiters will be busier than ever and there will be a focus on quality of hire

If you thought 2016 was busy in terms of recruitment, then 2017 looks set to be even busier. According to the report, recruiters will have their work cut out in the coming year, as 57% of SME business leaders say their team’s hiring volume will increase. Furthermore, to measure the success of new recruits, SMEs will focus on the length of time new employees stay at the company, their satisfaction of the hiring manager, and how long it takes to fill a role.

2- Boosting employment diversity

The LinkedIn report also found there will be a focus on boosting diversity in workforces. This will be carried out by automating the screening and hiring process, as a means of eliminating human biases and time limitations.

3- Executive talent recruitment

Another primary feature of the Small and Mid-Sized Business Recruiting Trends 2017 Report is that there will be a tighter relationship between talent leaders and company executives within SMEs. As the LinkedIn report writes, by fostering a closer relationship between talent leaders and executives, SMEs will have a “competitive edge over their larger competitors.”

4- Employer branding budgets are set to rise

The report found that 70% of SMEs’ budgets designated for recruitment are spent on recruitment agencies, jobs boards and recruitment tools. One key trend identified by the survey is the urge for employer branding to be the primary area in which many SMEs wish to invest more of their recruitment budget.

5- A greater focus on company culture and career growth

77% of the leaders surveyed in the LinkedIn study acknowledged the importance of employer branding when attempting to attract talent to their organisation. It was also acknowledged that the most significant aspects of an employer candidates want to know about is company culture, career growth prospects and the challenges of a position/company.

With a push to find quality candidates and with more than half of SMEs forecasting their hiring volumes will increase, it certainly seems professional recruiters will be in even greater demand in 2017.

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